2022 Benefits of Audio Branding and Symphony Advertising Report Released

Published by Voices Founder and CEO David Ciccarelli, the report explains why prioritizing audio branding is becoming a 21st century necessity for companies that want to showcase a level of authenticity that audiences demand. ‘today. Voices is the premier online voice talent marketplace that helps connect customers with voiceover, music, audio production and translation professionals from over 160 countries.

More information is available at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-audio-needs-part-your-marketing-strategy-2022-david-ciccarelli

Industry studies reveal that today’s audiences are less likely to connect with highly qualified personalities hired to portray the desired corporate image. In his recently released report, Voices CEO David Ciccarelli claims that audio helps convey a special feeling, the good vibe, and the whole culture of the company. These less tangible marketing elements give consumers a fuller impression of the company, which helps build trust.

Ciccarelli notes that audiences are migrating from radio and television to podcasts and music streaming services, presenting an ideal opportunity for advertisers.

Spotify research reveals that 81% of podcast listeners took action after hearing an audio ad. Additionally, when Dunkin’ Donuts adopted friendly advertising, their audience engagement increased by 238%.

Ciccarelli reminds businesses and corporations that audio advertising also offers more precise targeting to a captive audience. Unlike print advertising that goes unnoticed once the consumer turns a page, or TV spots that are muted, sped up, or ignored altogether, audio is part of the consumer’s activities and experiences.

Winner of multiple industry awards, Voices is the world’s first online voiceover marketplace that instantly connects voice professionals around the world to any client project.

Creative teams, marketers, producers and instructors from today’s biggest brands, including Microsoft, BMW, Bell, GoDaddy and hulu, now partner with Voices for the talent they need to create the sound they want.

A company spokesperson says, “Access a pool of over 2,000,000 freelance voiceover and music professionals. See only the right candidates, fulfill your voiceover requirements simply and easily, then watch your project come to life.

With the release of its recent report, Voices sheds light on the creative avenues that today’s businesses, marketers and producers can pursue to enhance their branding and advertising campaigns with the addition of personalized audio. .

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