Ad Week: Geoffrey the Giraffe, Chevy’s “Sopranos” Ad Explained, Multiverse vs. Metaverse

Enter the multiverse, not the metaverse

Erika Wheless of Ad Age reports on an AWNY panel exploring the economics of game creators:

Metaverse is a must-have buzzword in the industry, but a better term for space right now is multiverseaccording to Tommy Huthansel, Vice President, Director of Partnerships and Dentsu Gaming, Dentsu International.

And no, he doesn’t mean in the Dr. Strange sense.

“The metaverse is the experience layer on the internet,” Huthansel explained during an AWNY panel titled “The Game Creator Economy: Marketers’ Gateway to the Metaverse.” “But right now they are different multiverses. You have Roblox and Minecraft, Decentraland and Sandbox, Meta’s Horizons. These are all part of it. But what will really define the metaverse is interoperability, where you can transfer an item from one game to another, like in the movie “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Another panelist, Minecraft content creator and YouTuber Jerome Aceti, agreed. “I envision a virtual passport connecting everything, where you might take your shirt or your favorite sword as a game NFT that follows you wherever you play,” he said.

Aceti also encouraged brands to consider certain Web2 games as a stepping stone to Web3: “I actually think the technology behind AR is a more realistic step, like what you see with Pokémon Go. don’t have the money for a VR headset or the graphics card to support it, but a lot of us have phones, and so I think we’ll see more metaverse stuff emerge there.

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