Advertisers and Agencies Demand Media Director Role

Advertisers and agencies are confident that the appointment of a media manager will enhance advertisers’ media knowledge and capabilities.

According to a new report from ID Comms titled “The 2022 Global Media Training Report”, there is an increase in the number of respondents who want large advertisers to improve their media management capabilities. Respondents pointed to both the importance of media and the increasing complexity of space as key reasons why the presence of a media manager can make such an improvement.

ID Comms’ said advertisers with a CMO (with or without the job title) are much more likely to sustain media at higher levels of responsibility by increasing internal media capabilities within marketing teams. However, the absence of a chief media officer at many companies means that respondents highlighted clear concerns about advertisers’ media capabilities, with 79% rating their ability to “empower media more” as unsatisfactory.

However, many responses reflected a long-standing history of failure to improve training investments despite unanimous agreement that investing in media training programs can improve media decision-making and deliver better business results. to advertisers. Around 85% of media and marketing professionals – although only 50% of advertiser supply respondents – consider investment levels to be unsatisfactory and expressed clear concerns about current levels of investment in building media capabilities, both within their own organization and across the sector. .

Consistent with previous surveys in 2019 and 2016, the top reason identified for underinvestment in media capacity building was lack of budget, followed by failure to find the right training opportunities and dedicate time to media training.

Lack of understanding of the specialized media was highlighted as the main factor behind poor performance and inability to hold the media to account. Respondents highlighted that “more work needs to be done on the desired outcome for different channels/tactics with different role,” citing an overreliance on ROI as the only measure of success.

“While it is encouraging to see that advertisers are increasingly recognizing the value of a media manager, the provision of media training within most organizations remains unsatisfactory, despite unanimous agreement that that it can provide a competitive advantage. This presents a clear opportunity for progressive advertisers to invest in strong media capacity building programs and strengthen media accountability as an important driver of business growth,” said Matt Gill, senior consultant. at ID Comms.

This comment reflects the fact that KPI training is cited as the media training most likely to help address gaps in advertiser capabilities, cited by 57% of respondents. Media ROI (46%) and the work of news and ratings agencies (46%) also remain important areas for capacity building.

The fastest growing training area is demand to fill capacity gaps in adtech and martech (42% in 2022 vs. 26% in 2019). Among advertisers surveyed, this was seen as the most important area of ​​focus for capacity building.

The advertisers surveyed also underlined a need for training on the functioning of media agencies, while 50% of the agencies surveyed underlined the need to improve advertisers’ capacities in the management of media pitches, indicating dissatisfaction with existing practices.

Findings are based on 45 responses from media, marketing and procurement professionals with various responsibilities in global, regional and local markets. Advertisers surveyed have a combined annual investment in global media in excess of US$10 billion and include representatives from FMCG/CPG, retail, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, entertainment, automotive, luxury, finance, energy and telecommunications.

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