Advertising company Clear Channel plans to install digital billboard on Eastern Road in Portsmouth


What could the billboard look like on the East Route

It has submitted a development request to install equipment – and a “green wall” aimed at increasing biodiversity – between the road and the Goals football center, in place of the existing sign.

A statement said the location meant the billboard “would not be a potentially dangerous distraction” for drivers.

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The 18m² screen will display a rotation of equipment announcements, the statement added, for better use of the land.

“Digital posters are a more effective and sustainable media platform compared to their more traditional paper or vinyl counterparts whose content remains in situ until it is manually edited,” he said. . “They are recyclable and their remote operation eliminates the need for frequent site visits and reliance on non-renewable resources. “

The green wall would be planted under the billboard screen and would consist of a “vertical planting of various wildflower species”.

He said it would be “visually appealing” and “would also enhance the natural capital of urban environments by attracting wildlife.”

The statement added that the position of the screen would not obscure the lines of sight of drivers or “unduly distract highway users.”

The request will be studied by council planning officers over the next few weeks.

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