Albany Med Health System Launches New Branding Effort for Main Hospital, Capital Region Branches

The Albany Med Health System announced a new branding effort for its major hospitals and member organizations.

According to leaders, Albany Medical Center, Columbia Memorial Health, Glens Falls Hospital, Saratoga Hospital and guest nurses will share a common visual identity anchored by the health system name and logo. Albany Med Health System President and CEO Dr. Dennis McKenna launched a new public awareness campaign on Monday:

“When patients see the Albany Med Health System brand, they can be assured they have a direct connection to the most advanced quality services and the largest team of healthcare experts in the Hudson Valley. north of the country,” McKenna said. “A brand identity explains the strength and reach of the system, from primary to emergency, hospital, surgery, post-surgical care and home care. It demonstrates the connections between community hospitals and Albany Medical Center’s advanced services, which extend additional resources across the region, and for patients who require a higher level of care.The names of the institutions themselves do not change.Each has a rich, centuries-old tradition in its community. Yet by presenting ourselves as a system, we clearly tell our story. The brand represents our unity and all that we offer.

McKenna says the unified brand and “with you for everything” tagline are meant to symbolize the many milestones where life and medicine intersect. The system includes four hospitals, 800 physicians and 125 locations.

“A shared identity will strengthen all of these connections, as will a unified electronic medical record system,” McKenna said. “Right now, our team is preparing for the implementation of EPIC, the electronic medical record that will be used at the Albany Med Health Entities system. The EMR will have far-reaching impacts that will lead to better experiences for our patients. This platform enables all clinicians they see within the healthcare system to access a patient’s entire medical history, the entirety of their health history, with the accuracy and security as top priorities. It also redoubles its commitment to patient-centered care. The EMR will also result in a single online portal for patients, our hospitals and clinics.”

Citing financial difficulties, Albany Med recently cut 37 management positions. McKenna says “the big quit,” spurred by COVID-19, has led to record numbers of nurses and other staff leaving the healthcare industry, leaving hospitals that were already operating on thin margins deep in the Red. McKenna says the costs are not passed on to consumers.

“At the Albany Medical Center campus, that translated to $60 million for traveling nurses in the first half of 2022 alone, a high-use year that averaged about $8 or $9 million for any the 12-month period,” McKenna said. “Albany Med Health System has called on our elected leaders to recognize the threat this poses to our communities and to enact meaningful legislation to support us. But it also means we must use our resources wisely so that we can stay” with you for everything. .'”

Paul Scimeca is President and CEO of Glens Falls Hospital:

“We came on board in July 2020, at the height of the pandemic,” Scimeca said. “No matter the challenge, our team continues to work compassionately, skillfully and tirelessly to provide the care you need. And that has been our ongoing commitment to you since Glens Falls Hospital was established as Parks Hospital in 1897. Over the past two years, we have built very strong relationships with other hospitals and providers around the within the system. This has allowed us to strengthen the services we have provided for a long time and expand specialties that were not previously available in the North Country.

McKenna noted that while the system has implemented strategies to improve revenue and reduce expenses, no further layoffs are expected. Albany Med is the region’s largest employer and was a WAMC underwriter.

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