App Tracking Transparency Advertising: Apple Wins, App Providers Loses



Apple App Tracking Transparency’s data protection feature, or ATT for short, is meant to ensure that users can determine for themselves whether their iPhone and iPad actions can be tracked in all apps. To do this, the group has integrated new software features including an opt-in loop. App providers and advertisers have criticized the feature a lot – they fear losing revenue if there is no follow-up. It appears to be the case, while one thing benefits: Apple itself. This is clear from the analyzes carried out by advertising experts.

As the Financial Time reportedApple reportedly tripled the market share of its advertising business – roughly over the same time period that ATT existed. However, it has a lot to do with Apple now relying entirely on search ads in the App Store. When you enter search terms, sponsored results will appear there.

According to mobile marketer Branch, Apple is now responsible for nearly 60% of all iPhone downloads via the said ad, while a year ago the group – albeit with less publicity – was still responsible for 17% of all installations. This, in turn, has a direct impact on advertising in the applications of third-party vendors who had previously generated a large portion of their revenue from advertising for other programs.

Apple Search Ads are now part of the Bundesliga, according to industry expert Alex Bauer. Apple would generate around $ 5 billion in advertising activity this year, and in three years that amount could reach $ 20 billion, according to economic research firm Evercore ISI. Some Apple search ads use personalization, although Apple claims it is always anonymized. Mainly, there are criticisms as it appears Apple is pulling out of ATT and related rules. No other ad network is allowed to do something like this. Among other things, Apple provides real-time data to advertisers.

ATT’s impact on app operators can be seen in the latest figures from the Snap messaging service. The latter only had to accept a turnover of three million dollars lower, which the company justified with the introduction of ATT. Still, the company is still behind Apple and ATT, according to boss Evan Spiegel. Some business disruptions are expected because the (ATT replacement) solutions currently “do not scale as expected”. Basically, however, Apple’s data protection policy is correct. Recently, however, it was reported that ATT was not performing as well as Apple had hoped.

No more Macs and me

No more Macs and me

No more Macs and me


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