Astros Announces Rebranding of Triple-A Subsidiary to Sugar Land Space Cowboys

(SUGAR LAND, Texas) – The Houston Astros today announced the rebranding of their Triple A affiliate to Sugar Land Space Cowboys, beginning with the 2022 season.

The Space Cowboys take over from the previously named “Skeeters,” which served as the franchise’s nickname from 2012-20 when they were an independent club and in 2021 for its first season, the Triple A affiliate of the Astros.

The new brand connects core themes of the Astros and the Greater Houston area, as the largest city in Texas and home of the Johnson NASA Space Center, as well as the cowboy narrative that is popular in literature, television and movies for over 100 years. .

“We are thrilled to launch the new identity of our Triple A affiliate, the Sugar Land Space Cowboys,” Anita Segal, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications of Astros noted. “Today represents a new chapter in professional baseball at Sugar Land and the next step to take as the team moves from its independent ball roots to affiliated Triple A baseball. Our goal was to clearly reflect a strong connection to the Astros family, but also to stand out as a unique identity aligned with the dynamic, progressive and family-oriented values ​​of the City of Sugar Land community.

With the announcement of the new brand, the Astros also announced “Orion” as the official mascot of the Sugar Land Space Cowboys. Of the species “Canis Cosmicus”, Orion is a cosmic space hound who has become the Sugar Land Space Cowboy’s trusty sidekick.

The Space Cowboys team store at Constellation Field will be open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, beginning Monday, January 31. Fans can also purchase Space Cowboys merchandise by visiting

Color gradient/Horizon: Inspired by a photo of Earth’s horizon as seen from space, the color palette and gradient feature hints of light blue, navy, orange, gray and black that predominate in the company’s logo and uniforms. franchise. The colors represent the ever-expanding Sugar Land community and an exciting new chapter on the horizon for the Houston Astros’ Triple-A affiliate at Constellation Field.

Main logo**:** The main logo depicts the Space Cowboy wearing a traditional cowboy hat, bandana and a blast shield over his face which is strewn with space dust and has a star in his eye. The words Sugar Land Space Cowboys are displayed in an inset outside the logo.

Mission Badge: This patch will be featured on all uniforms and serves as an alternate logo. It mixes elements of the Texas state flag, with a rocket layered on the front ready to launch.

Uniforms: The Space Cowboys will have one set of uniforms for home, road and another. The home uniform includes a white jersey with “Space Cowboys” on the chest and a navy hat with the main logo. The road uniform includes a gray jersey with navy blue sleeves, with “Sugar Land” written across the chest, and a navy hat with the interlocking “SL” logo. The alternate uniform features a Vice Blue jersey with the main logo on the chest. The alternate uniform hat has the Mission Patch logo on a white front, with a navy backing.

Additionally, the Sugar Land Space Cowboys website URL can be accessed by visiting Social Media IDs will change to the following name:

The first time fans will see the uniforms in action will be March 28-29 when the Sugar Land team take the field as the Sugar Land Space Cowboys for the first time against the Houston Astros. The two-game exhibition series will begin at Constellation Field on March 28, with the Sugar Land team in their home uniforms, then the first time the away uniforms will be seen in action will be March 29. at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

The Space Cowboys respect the elements that define the identity of Greater Houston, the largest city in Texas and the home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. For over 100 years, these have been popular themes in literature, film and television, as consumers are drawn to the hero mentality.

In the early 1900s, Western expansion and cowboys were prominent themes in pop culture. The heroes embodied the ideas of protection and a hardy, hardworking person. As technology advanced, astronauts elicited the same heroic feeling, risking their lives to go where no one had gone before.

Bringing these two worlds together is a perfect marriage between Houston’s Texas roots and its status as a center of space exploration.

The Space Cowboys color scheme, which blends into a skyline gradient, creates a stronger bond with the Astros in its space-themed style and elements, while depicting the skyline of an exciting era Triple A baseball game that will begin in the vibrant, thriving, and forward-thinking city of Sugar Land.

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