Bacolod City Approves Security Seal for Businesses


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THE CITY OF BACOLOD – Some 52 commercial establishments here have successfully passed validation by the city’s inspection and certification team for the issuance of a security seal, indicating compliance with minimum public health standards in the context of the pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

A city government report released on Wednesday showed that the last 28 stores received their certificates on September 30 and October 1, following previous winners awarded in previous months.

Mayor Evelio Leonardia said that through this certification program from the Home Office and Local Government (DILG), they can clearly identify which facilities comply with the health protocol so that people are guided accordingly.

“Although this is voluntary, we encourage as many people as possible to apply because it is good for business,” he added.

Permits and Licensing Office Chief Stela Rayos, who chairs the Security Seals Committee, said the inspection and certification team performs online verification, calibration and on-site validation of establishments applicants.

All 52 were certified among the 237 stores that applied, but Rayos said other companies, which have flaws or gaps in their documentation, can reapply until they can fully comply with the requirements.

She added that only business establishments with a valid mayor’s permit for 2021 are eligible to apply for a security seal certificate.

Those that have received the security seal are mostly quick service restaurants and other food establishments, clothing stores, and appliance stores.

The security seal certification program under Resolution 87 of the Interagency Working Group for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases aims to increase compliance by private or public entities with minimum public health standards set by the government, and seeks to encourage the adoption and use of Stay digital contract tracing app and increase consumer confidence as government safely reopens the economy.

The security seal is a physical manifestation of an establishment’s compliance with the minimum health standards imposed by the government to contain the spread of Covid-19 and must be prominently displayed at all entrances to establishments. (ANP)

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