Branded Legacy, Inc. Achieves Highest Quarterly Revenue in 2021



Spikes CBDX Brand Expands CBD Product Line Across Florida

Longwood, FL, September 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Branded Legacy, Inc. (OTCQB: BLEG), a holding company focused on the commercial development of hemp and cannabinoid infused drinks, as well as a line of topical CBD products and Tinctures Announces Increased Sales Thanks to Spikes CBDX, LLC.

The company recorded a more than 80% increase in revenue from its previous quarter in 2021. Branded Legacy, Inc. leveraged its president, Brandon Spikes, and credibility in the sports arena to increase its sales. Spikes will be inducted into the University of Florida Hall of Fame in the coming months, which has been a big part of the enthusiasm for physical locations to add the Spikes CBDX brand to their shelves.

Branded Legacy vice president Matthew Nichols said, “The company’s revenue has hit a milestone this quarter. There is a lot of interest in the Spikes CBDX brand and we expect a further increase in sales as we close the month and enter the fourth quarter. “

About CBDX Spikes: Spikes CBDX is a line of CBD products designed to help athletes perform better, recover faster and prevent injuries. The company believes post-workout recovery, with Spikes CBDX products, can reduce inflammation, help make your body stronger, and help recover from injuries naturally. The CBD line also targets people who are looking for pain relief, better sleep, faster recovery, and reduced inflammation. Spikes CBDX provides tinctures, lotions, moisturizers and roll-on cryo-gels. To view all Spikes CBDX products, please visit:

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About multipurpose industries: Versatile Industries, LLC’s mission is to help companies enter the hemp and CBD markets by leveraging the purchasing power of multiple companies. By doing so, it brings lower costs and minimum order quantities (MOQ) to our customers. The company believes that reducing money tied up in inventory increases marketing spending for small business owners. Versatile Industries feels obligated to help companies enter new markets by limiting the cost of entry while maintaining profitable margins, thus creating a recipe for long-term business partnerships.

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