Branding expo, Icebo Design on the cards

The Chronicle

Mbulelo Mpofu, showbiz journalist
The first Icebo Design Expo, whose organizers want to make an annual event, will be held on April 14 at the Bulawayo Academy of Music.

The exhibition, a brainchild of Innerve Brand Architects and Urban Moon Media, is aimed at businesses, brand professionals, creatives, university students and anyone interested in the aesthetic side of art. . Admission will be free. The guest speaker will be “enthusiastic and accomplished marketer,” Stella Nkomo.

Held under the theme “Welcome to the Future of Branding”, the exhibition aims to enhance attendees’ networking and exposure skills. Topics to be covered during the session will include branding, creative design, photography/videography, marketing strategy as well as print and digital media.

The expo’s program coordinator, S’angelo Donga, said the expo aims to enhance the branding industry in Bulawayo and will herald a new era in the local design space.

“The exhibition is a free event that aims to challenge and improve the level of branding in the country. We realized that many of our products and services from local companies are not exportable because their packaging is not up to international standards. Many of the brands we have in the city are either non-existent or stagnant and they don’t effectively engage target audiences,” Donga said.

The event aims to educate and build the capacity of marketing managers and entrepreneurs who will be responsible for creating marketing and advertising materials for their brands. The exhibition will also be an opportunity for local designers, photographers and videographers to exhibit their work and showcase their skills.

“The exhibition is expected to be a launchpad for the Zimbabwe Branding Association, which is still in its planning phase,” Donga said.

He urged creatives and businesses in Bulawayo to use the exposure to improve themselves.

“I want to inspire creatives and entrepreneurs to come and learn how to turn their business into a thriving and engaging brand.

They will learn how to create a brand strategy, what to consider when hiring a designer, the importance of investing in photography, marketing and print basics and how to prepare your products and services for export,” Donga said.

Visually appealing designs are an integral part of the arts industry because they sell the product and help content consumers make a decision.

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