Carfoxes Announces Launch of Automotive Advertising Branding

CarFoxes handles arbitration at car auctions. Recently, the company has expanded its brand by introducing new strategies in the respective market.

Carfoxes recently launched a marketing offer for car owners. Now, users can apply the company’s brand to their vehicles and receive a reward for their regular trips. Another major company project, which will accelerate growth and diversify the business into the used vehicle market, was the launch of a personalized e-commerce platform for the sale and delivery of passenger cars. opportunity from the United States around the world. The overall profitability depends on the class of the vehicle. The program includes three categories of vehicles.

* Class A: From $10,000 to $29,999

* Class B: From @30,000 to $49,999

* Luxury class: over $50,000

The vehicle class is determined by the make of the vehicle and its market value. Representatives of a specific price category are eligible for branding. There are restrictions on the age of the vehicle. A company specialist decides whether a car belongs to a particular class after a user requests it in the personal account. The cost of a new car is more than $10,000, and the car must be without external damage.


To participate in the CarFoxes brand program and earn extra profit, company brand stickers must be placed on both sides of the car body and hood. The customer bears the cost of branding the vehicle, but the company will reimburse this cost for the duration of the collaboration. Vehicles belonging to public transport or branded by other companies cannot participate in the program. There are several options to choose from for applying the logo.

For additional instructions on car branding under this program and setting up cash flow, users can complete an application on the website. Once the request is approved, users will be added to the driver pool.

Participants who have fulfilled all the conditions of the program will receive payments on their account in their accounts. Prospective users should visit the website: for details.

Company website:

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