Claudine Arthurs Agency Announces – The Best Public Speaking Coaches to Follow in 2022

Claudine Arthurs, a New York-based advertising and marketing agency, today announces the best public speaking coaches to follow in 2022.

Claudine Arthurs, a New York-based advertising and marketing agency, today announces the best public speaking coaches to follow in 2022. The lineup includes; David Fisher, Jose Ucar, Annelise McCarthy, Elliot Kay, Meridith Grundei and Sonia Maslovskaya as public speaking coaches will be recognized for this year’s honors.

“A top-level public speaking coach can help anyone, but entrepreneurs and business leaders in particular may find it helpful to work with a coach to develop their voice and gain confidence. thus being more persuasive and dynamic when speaking one-on-one, in front of a stadium full of people, or at any event in between,” said CEO Claudine Arthurs. “These coaches can be a huge resource for entrepreneurs who have amazing ideas and brands, but struggle to connect with investors, partners, and customers because they lack strong communication and speaking skills.

After being nearly homeless several years ago, David Fisher is now an award-winning international speaker, coach and story amplifier. He has spoken to organizations and at international events, including Cirque du Soleil and Voice Story. David has also coached speakers around the world for numerous events such as TEDx Tenaya Paseo Las Vegas and the Tony Robbins Power of Success event. Through Kingfisher Communications and Amplify Your StoryTM, he has inspired thousands of people around the world to create more impactful connections through communication and storytelling. follow on

Jose Ucar is a TEDx Global Speaker and Host, NLP Coach, International Business, Marketing Specialist, and Founder of Jose Ucar Coaching and Bros in Marketing. He has spent the past ten years helping companies around the world effect transformational change using advanced presentation and communication skills. Jose also hosts the Speak to Sell Yourself and Your Business Show, a live event for business owners and professionals who want to sell more, stand out and grow through the power of their voice. follow on @jose_ucar_

Annelise McCarthy is a female speaking coach who empowers women to master communication and public speaking skills. Also known for her daily Instagram boogies, Annelise’s mission is to make public speaking fun, empowering and sexy for women everywhere. Annelise is the owner and founder of “Her Speaking Coach”, a company that empowers women around the world to empower themselves, present themselves with confidence and own their voice. She has over 14 years of public speaking experience and her entertaining and educational videos on TikTok and Instagram have received over 2.5 million views. follow on @herpeakingcoach

Elliot Kay has spent the past decade working with business owners, entrepreneurs, doctors and investors to help them gain confidence and stand out when presenting business through public speaking. Her methodology is to teach clients how to use effective structures to deliver impactful delivery using “landing language”. Elliot has spoken globally at conferences, events and in front of management. Besides speaking, he has collaborated with leading businesses, corporations and entrepreneurs on their customer service delivery. Elliot has also advised clients on how to pitch and gain placement on popular TV shows such as “Dragons Den” and “Master Chef: The Professionals.” follow on @elliotkayspeaks

Meridith Grundei is an award-winning theater director, producer, and former Second City improv teacher who has seen parallels between performing in front of live audiences on stage every night and presenting to clients and colleagues every day. Meridith concluded that they lacked the tools to bring their stories to life. As a result, she decided to act. Grundei Coaching has helped thousands of individuals and companies create engaging presentations and authentic stories to achieve career growth and success for over 11 years. follow on @meridithgrundeicoaching

Sonia Maslovskaya is a highly effective public speaking coach who believes the art of communication can uplift all areas of our lives. She has successfully helped many clients overcome their fear of public speaking and become not only confident, but also memorable. Sonia is particularly committed to helping women find their voice and deliver an unforgettable message with excellence and elegance. Sonia’s unique approach to public speaking coaching incorporates not only the intellectual and physical aspects of the craft, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects. follow on @soniampower

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