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You might think that a short week due to a US holiday calls for a quick weekly recap, but we have a lot to share about growth marketing from our coverage over the week. With the help of your recommendations, this week we were able to interview Peep Laja and Lucy Heskins, and post several guest columns on topics related to growth including homepage testing, marketing lies to watch out for. , VR advertising opportunities, company name and advertising. conformity.

TechCrunch collects the responses in this survey to find the best growth marketer to work with with founders. We’ve included some of our favorites, under the links.

This early stage marketer said “B2B SaaS is actually very, very cool now”: Anna Heim, reporter at Extra Crunch, interviews Lucy Heskins, Wales-based growth marketer, about from her experience working with start-ups, the best use of content marketing, and more!

Navigating ad fraud and consumer privacy breaches in programmatic advertising: did you know that “ad fraud topped $ 35 billion last year, a figure expected to reach $ 50 billion by now 2025 ”? Jalal Nasir, CEO of marketing compliance startup Pixalate, discusses how business leaders and brands can make sure they don’t fall victim to the problem.

To stay ahead of your competition, start building your story from day one: Anna also spoke with Peep Laja to discuss the importance for a startup to write their own story and how. it can evolve with the company.

Demand Curve: How to Double Conversions on Your Startup’s Home Page: Content Manager Nick Costelloe examines when it’s good to be unique and when it’s best to stick with the status quo when you’re working to double conversions on your homepage.

(Extra Crunch) Demand Curve: 10 Lies You Have Been Told About Marketing: For Subscribers, Costelloe Reviews 10 Lies You Heard About Marketing And What To Try Instead To Create better results.

(Extra Crunch) Can advertising expand into virtual reality? : Have you been unsure about virtual reality advertising for your business? AR / VR analyst Michael Boland lists the pros and cons in this article.

(Extra Crunch) What I learned the hard way naming over 30 startups: Naming a startup may take more thought than you might imagine. Marketing manager Drew Beechler tells us what needs to be considered when choosing a name, such as strategic alignment.

As always, please let us know if you can recommend a top growth marketer who works with startups in complete this quick survey.

Trader: Nikita Vorobiev

Recommend: Ruby Club

Testimony: “Nikita and her company, Buildrbrand, worked tirelessly to bring my idea to life and did everything in their power to bring it to the level it is today. He and his team have created a world-class conditional quiz visual experience that I think it would be really cool for him to share with the industry. He doesn’t know I named him, but I absolutely wanted to give it back in any way I could because I think his agency is creating some of the best brands that are going viral online right now.

Trader: Max van den Ingh, Not dumb

Recommend: Harry Willis, ShopPop

Testimony: “They [have] showed considerable and demonstrable growth marketing success in various businesses. One of them being MisterGreen, a Dutch Tesla leasing company that has grown 10 times under Max’s leadership.

Trader: Patricia (Patty) Spiller, Chief

Recommend: Livongo

Testimony: “Hired her to lead product marketing and she identified the opportunity to grow in a very different way, which could dramatically accelerate the growth of our business. So, she founded the Growth Marketing team and grew the team from 1 to 30 people in less than 2 years, based on all the success they have had in growing our membership base.


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