Could an Adtech UX concept potentially turn the video advertising scenario upside down?

New York, NY, September 24, 2022 — ( — The Adtech UX Concept (CASPAD), although at an early stage, is meant to offer users greater control over how they are presented with video advertising via mobile, online and possibly connected TV. This increases the level of control, offering to dramatically increase the quality of a user’s connected experience when it comes to video advertising.

The creator of the concept, UX ADNET, claims from its findings to date that increasing the quality of user experience will have a direct positive impact on ROAS (return on ad spend) and other important metrics. , while strengthening brand safety and also first-party data. strategies.

If UX ADNET’s claims were confirmed, it could signal that there is potentially a real business incentive to create a more truly user-centric Adtech; which benefits, of course, users, but also advertisers, publishers and the industry as a whole.

Anthony French, creator of UX ADNET, recently explained it this way: “Many of the largest and most influential companies and brands in the world are investing heavily in video advertising. The industry itself recognizes the importance of user experience (UX), but Adtech solutions, which clearly value the user’s connected experience, remain rare.We see this as a potential opportunity, given the changing needs and expectations of users over time. of time, coupled with the growing importance of first-party data.”

French, however, was quick to point out: “While we see the likely value of our concept, it is still in its early stages, so we are looking for a partner to help us more fully validate and test the potential applications of the concept.

This, however, is not the end of the story.

Despite the fact that UX ADNET is very new to the scene and has no history of creating Adtech concepts or solutions of any kind, it already appears on the first page of Google for Adtech concepts, Video Adtech concepts, UX Adtech and other research.

The potential significance of this is, of course, subject to speculation. Still, Adtech UX that at least promises to truly enhance the user experience and also unlocks new business benefits for advertisers and publishers, could be a welcome message for companies heavily invested in the future growth of the video advertising. This, bearing in mind, also, the need for the industry to regain the trust of users largely sick of advertising, which is nothing if not topical.

The UX ADNET team is currently looking to connect with a development partner who is best able to visualize and prove the true potential of the concept, under an owner-partner based engagement model. of all intellectual property created. This would be in exchange for UX ADNET to receive a nominal share of revenue created from any solution.

Those who represent an organization related to the provision of Video Adtech solutions, video advertising services, platforms or a related field, and who wish to learn more about CASPAD with a view to possibly working with UX ADNET, can start here:

UX ADNET creates UX Adtech concepts that truly and demonstrably enhance the experience of device users. The UX ADNET site was created to raise the profile of CASPAD, its core UX Adtech concept, a concept originally featured on

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