Declan Rice banned for two games by UEFA

We all know refereeing is hard work and all the other clichés that are peddled after a poor performance, but there is a growing feeling that referees face no consequences for mistakes.

If players don’t play they are dropped, managers are sacked if they make terrible decisions, but referees just seem to be handed the next big game and everyone has to pretend to be shocked when that happens .

VAR was supposed to fix everything, but it’s all handled by the same people who made the decisions before, so it’s still a work in progress, while hell fixes anyone who dares to talk about it.

West Ham star midfielder Declan Rice has just found out the hard way as it has been confirmed he was given a two-game ban by UEFA for calling Spain official Jesus Gil Manzano corrupt following their Europa League semi-final loss to Frankfurt last season. .

West Ham are in the Conference League this season so it’s likely Rice will miss both games in their next game unless a call is made, but it’s hard to see how that would succeed.

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