Fellows Agency engages audiences with Titler Live Broadcast.

Founder Nick Kattis explains how they streamlined their workflow with NewBlue Titler Live.

With the changing global business landscape, Fellows Agency has had to pivot to ensure its clients’ businesses run smoothly in these changing times.

Fellows Agency produces dozens of live streams per month for discerning corporate, government and sports customers, and this new business paradigm isn’t slowing down. Live streaming has become a core part of Fellows Agency’s business, so much so that they are developing a live production division of the business.

Huge volume of live streams.

Fellows pride themselves on helping their clients tell stories and engage their audiences while maintaining the consistency of their brand identity. With the influx of live content needed, founder Nick Kattis needed a more efficient workflow with high-end graphics organization.
During the discovery phase, Kattis found that the various Titler Live Broadcast packages fit her budget. The flexible plans coupled with a powerful feature set helped them make the decision to invest in NewBlue’s Titler Live.

“Titler Live Broadcast allows us to streamline our graphics and deliver a richer, more engaging production for our discerning customers.”

Lots of moving parts.

Fellows agency productions range from multi-day live productions and off-site brand activations to in-studio productions where arranging custom graphics and media clips becomes very complex. Fellows helps clients improve their production value to improve content engagement by creating custom templates in Titler Live.

Creating and editing charts often occurs during Fellow’s multi-day live streams. Before implementing Titler Live, Fellows switched from Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint or After Effects to import graphics – the process was too slow and inefficient. The flexibility of Titler Live Broadcast allows them to make changes within the Titler Live software, so they don’t waste time switching between applications.

Before adding NewBlue’s Titler Live workflow, pre-production would take at least two days. After using Titler Live’s templates and NDI workflow, Fellows Agency sees time savings of days.

“Titler Live performs graphics updates and changes on the fly, it’s so quick and easy that you don’t even leave the application. The efficiency of creating graphics in the Titler Live app saves us thousands of dollars.

Individual assistance.

With so many productions on deck, support is important. Kattis appreciates the one-on-one support from Titler Live Broadcast, “The customer service that NewBlue provides is the icing on the cake.”

NDI workflow and efficient graphics.

Titler Live Broadcast’s NDI interface provides a convenient workflow and simple setup, which is especially beneficial when Fellows are producing remotely.

Fellows relies on Titler Live’s ability to create custom animations and complex graphics, without the headaches that can be involved, “Animation takes time to create, but the templates included with Titler Live save a lot of time,” Kattis explained.

“We keep pushing Titler Live and it still delivers the highest production quality.”

Turnkey solution.

Titler Live is Fellows Agency’s all-in-one graphics solution for graphics formatting, lower thirds and branding customization for live productions. Kattis explained. “It’s hard to match the affordability, convenience and efficiency of Titler Live.”

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