Forbes India – Electric Vehicles: The Next Big Advertising Innovation: Are Electric Vehicle Charging Stations the New Billboards?

Recently, the Center said it plans to install up to 70,000 electric vehicle chargers across the country over the next few years. Work is already underway at various gasoline pumps across India. Image: Shutterstock


As electric vehicles (EVs) invade the world of mobility across the globe, the growing number of EV charging stations are seen as potential advertising platforms.

Adweek recently announced that a US-based electric vehicle charging network, Volta Charging, with 2,137 booths nationwide, is launching a dedicated media network, Volta Media, to better serve its advertising partners. The move simply means that brands in all categories will now be able to advertise these electric vehicle charging stations to capture the attention of discerning and affluent consumers.

On Volta Charging’s website, the company says, “It’s time to rethink your media strategy. Our growing network of charging stations reaches millions of qualified customers with premium interactive content in a sustainable format. “

In India, the same model can potentially be replicated as EV infrastructure grows stronger thanks to the strong impetus given to the rise of the EV ecosystem by both government and private actors.

Recently, the Center said it plans to install up to 70,000 electric vehicle chargers across the country over the next few years. Work is already underway at various gasoline pumps across India. Meanwhile, key companies, including Mercedes-Benz India, already have around 100 EV stations across the country, where EVs of all brands can be easily recharged.

Innovate and engage

Experts believe EV stations can potentially be a powerful outdoor advertising platform, giving brands access to upward mobility, tech savvy, and a wealthy urban consumer base. This cohort is not only early adopters of technology, but is also equally aware and responsible for the environment.

However, the advertising formats in EV stations must be attractive.

Roshan Abbas, Managing Director of Encompass, a VMLY & R Commerce company, notes that outdoor advertising in its interactive and digital avatar has become exciting. He believes that if advertisers can link EV charging station ads to customers’ personal devices, that will be key to success.

“If a brand manages to grab people’s attention through an interactive activity such as sending a message to a consumer’s smartphone, prompting them to look at the digital screen of the kiosk. recharge and interact with them … if they can grab attention, then it could be an innovative medium, ”he suggests.

Seeing that Millennials and Gen Z consumers are becoming extremely environmentally conscious, clothing brands, for example, that talk about sustainability, could use and benefit from this medium.

“The number of people buying electric vehicles will also determine the success of this medium. For now, it might be interesting to engage with customers, but for this to become an advertising medium, we need more people using electric cars, ”he adds.

The innovative out-of-home is the need of the hour, and EV charging stations are innovative. The two handsets could actually capture the attention of the attention-deficit Generation Y cohort and Generation Z consumer base, Abbas says.

First-come advantage

Essentially, there are three levels of charging modalities for electric vehicles: the first is two-wheeler charging, which can be plugged in at home; the second is where there is a battery replacement (a popular model in countries like Taiwan and Scandinavia); and the third being charging stations which can be roughly compared to standard gas stations and gas pumps.

“In all three, there will be a higher concentration of environmentally conscious or wealthy consumers. There are bragging rights of owning an EV today. This customer segment is an early buyer, an affluent urban Indian who takes risks, ”explains a senior automotive executive.

The person cited above further notes that this demographic is attractive and that charging stations are a focal point in the growth of the electric vehicle environment itself.

“From a non-existent status today, EV charging stations will become an integral part of our daily lives and, whoever takes advantage and takes the lead, will benefit in the long run. I think all tech related products should advertise in an EV station. This could also be beneficial for the categories of durable consumer goods and smartphones, ”adds the leader.

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