George Clooney turns down $ 35 million and here’s why

George Clooney has revealed why he turned down $ 35 million from an airline advertisement.

Clooney admitted he discussed the deal with his lawyer, Amal Clooney, and they both agreed it “wasn’t worth it”

According to an interview the actor gave to British magazine The Guardian, it was revealed that the actor refused the check for only one day of work.

Clooney was asked if he thought he had “enough money now” at this point in his life.

“Yeah. I was offered $ 35 million for a day’s work in an airline commercial, but I told Amal about it and we decided it wasn’t worth it,” he said. he explained.

“It was [associated with] a country which, even if it is an ally, is sometimes questionable, so I was like: ‘well, if it takes me a minute of sleep, it is not worth it’ “, continued the actor .

George went on to explain why he didn’t act the way he did before: “Usually there aren’t a lot of good roles – and, look, I don’t have to act,” the player explained. 60 years. . “My wife and I had this conversation when I turned 60 this summer. I said, ‘I can still bounce back pretty well, and we both love what we’re doing. But we have to make sure we don’t not book us silly accounts. So, in part, we make sure we get on with our lives. ”

In addition to his film income, Clooney is said to have made over £ 30million advertising Nespresso coffee and previously sold his tequila company Casamigos for $ 1 billion (£ 780million).

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