GGPoker set to launch in Ontario under its own brand, but timing unclear

GGPoker set to launch in Ontario under its own brand, but timing unclear

September 13, 2022

Juan Blanco


  • Changes to NSUS Limited license application suggest may go live in Ontario
  • The site could form a network alongside
  • GGPoker has been busy lately promoting its Canadian operations

GGPoker could enter Ontario using its own brand, contrary to previous assumptions that the operator would not run its own site in the Canadian province and only provide software support for

The latest developments suggest that GGPoker may well be joining the market under its own name. is coming soon

Under the original license granted to NSUS Limited (the parent company of GGPoker) in March, there was no mention of GGPoker launching its poker brand in Ontario. was the only domain registered under the license. In August however, a new domain was added – Also, the name of the mobile app has been changed to “WSOP by GGPoker“.

The long-awaited launch of has yet to take place five months after confirming its software partnership with GGPoker for Ontario. While the two entities wait on the sidelines, their rivals 888poker, PokerStars, BetMGM, partypoker and bwin (the last three operate under the BetMGM network) have already been operating for months and are already reaping the benefits of launching in Canada’s largest province.

Currently, Ontarians play at GGPoker through its global client, alongside other players from other jurisdictions. But they would eventually be migrated to the segregated site in Ontario if things go as planned.

There is no timeline available yet as to when GGPoker and WSOP would officially set foot in Ontario, but there is a strong possibility that GGPoker will go live in the Canadian province using its own brand.

This means that GGPoker could form a two-skinned network with, merging their pools of players. But we cannot expect both sites to launch simultaneously. would likely come first, with GGPoker likely to redirect its Ontario players to the platform.

Either way, this should be an exciting prospect given the solid reputation associated with two of the biggest online poker sites in the world.

Big plans for Canada

The new license application changes aren’t the only signs of GGPoker’s potential launch in Ontario. Recent efforts by the operator, including welcoming several Canadian ambassadors on board, organizing freerolls and carrying out various campaigns and promotions exclusive to Canadian players, testify to the company’s huge plans for the market. And that’s not entirely surprising, given that Canada is the home market for GGPoker, which is headquartered in Toronto.

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