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Covid has created problems for all of us, on so many levels, but what about that?

Amber Cusano owns a large-scale home health care business that provides care, nutrition, specialty health care like physiotherapy, and palliative care. The company needs regular licenses – but the state licensing authority has halted all in-person audits for licenses because of Covid. How can a business survive in this environment?

Cusano didn’t just wait out the pandemic. Instead, she spun off her business, called it Gilpin Cleaning Company, and branched out into this much-needed field in our Peak to Peak community. And when Cusano does something, she does it completely.

She points out that “We (Gilpin Cleaning Co.) are state-licensed, carry liability insurance for all of our contracted cleaners, which protects the owner’s property inside while our crew cleans, and bonded to protect our customers and their property. The company hires only locals in order to offer reliable and consistent work throughout the year, and we offer the highest rate of pay in our region, even compared to major ski resorts. The company pays regular bonuses and treats our contractors like family by helping them overcome financial insecurities and giving them great birthday/holiday gifts. »

Cusano hopes to reestablish the healthcare portion of his business soon and has big plans. “I come from a medical background,” she says, “with a desire to help our community of older people, especially those isolated in our rural areas here. The company is growing exponentially and will eventually offer various medical, non-medical, holistic and other services such as cleaning, shopping, food delivery services, etc.

“We are working hard over the next year to achieve Medicaid/Medicare certification, which is very difficult for a small business to do, but we will give everything we have – fingers crossed – to eventually be able to offer insured care. to our wonderful community of seniors!

Meanwhile, the cleaning service, even with the problems created by the pandemic, has developed very well. “We have tripled our business every six months or so and continue to grow….[However]Covid has impacted our entire team individually with each of their families and offered extra work as sanitizing and cleaning is an integral part of the Covid process when it comes to keeping a distance or cleaning up after illness.

“So we have seen both sides of the fence since the start of the pandemic. We are grateful to be healthy today and still able to offer services to the community to keep them safe and healthy! »

Cusano goes on to explain, “Staffing has been very difficult over the past year with a high turnover rate. The pandemic has really affected mental health and the general health and well-being of our community as well as the ability to work cohesively. This in turn affects the company’s ability to acquire new customers and be reliable to our loyal customers. Luckily, we now have a great, reliable and healthy team and are back to full service for the community accepting new customers every week!

The cleaning company now accepts customers from Spring and now offers co-host services for Airbnb owners. It has also recently partnered with a reliable plow service.

Cusano loves the cleaning arm of her business – she says the best part is “helping people find some peace. Coming home to a clean and hygienic home leaves them feeling calm and happy; and in today’s crazy world, it’s important for their mental health and general well-being.

But she is very eager to restore the health agency. “The idea is to eventually have a ‘one stop shop’ that all of our local residents can rely on,” she says.

She points out that “we serve our local mountain towns and do not want to enter other markets. Currently, the cleaning company serves all residential, Airbnb and commercial needs in the Peak to Peak area.

Gilpin Home Health Care Agency and Gilpin Cleaning Company can be found on Facebook at Gilpincaregivers. The company can be reached at 720.252.2566, as well as by email at [email protected]

Sponsored by Gilpin County, with funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.

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