GMB’s Richard Madeley branded ‘ridiculous’ by furious viewers after hiatus

Good Morning Britain viewers took to social media on Tuesday to express their fury at Richard Madeley.

The ITV show host was heard interrupting a report on people fleeing Ukraine to ask a question about pizza.

However, after his question, people slammed the 65-year-old as “ridiculous”, DevonLive reports.

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On Tuesday, March 15, the ITV broadcast was on the Polish-Ukrainian border to see people helping those fleeing the country.

One of the many Brits who have gone to help is David Fox-Pitt, who is staying in the nearby village of Medyka in Poland.

David, who runs an events company in the UK, went to help the refugees by giving them food, especially pizza, reports The Sun

However, as the show was talking with David, Richard interrupted the segment to inquire about the pizza toppings.

He said, “What’s your favorite pizza topping? What’s your favorite pizza topping?”

David replied, “”We’re doing two. Favorite is pepperoni with good cheese. “”

People watching the show were furious at the question and many lambasted the presenter as “ridiculous”.

One person tweeted: “With all the questions Richard Madeley could have asked about Ukrainians finally getting to safety he asked what the most popular pizza topping was! Idiot!!”

Another added: ‘Richard Madeley asking security camp, what’s the FAVORITE PIZZA of homeless, scared, war-torn refugees? He’s a really ridiculous man #GMB.’

Someone else commented: ‘Lord give me strength’ adding, ‘Richard Madeley asks the tough questions about #GMB.’ What’s your favorite pizza topping on the Ukraine-Poland border this morning ?”

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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