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OneDome, a real estate portal that supports the entire transaction process, from helping buyers find a home to securing financing and completing a purchase, has rolled out a new insurance product that can be offered by agents.

Initially tested last year, agents using OneDome’s HomeBuyer service will now be able to offer an insurance policy at no additional cost that provides all buyers with protection against financial loss related to a failed transaction.

This is called the OneDome Guarantee and the customer is covered for up to £2,250.

The insurance policy is underwritten by a consortium of Lloyd’s syndicates.

All agents who become affiliated with OneDome’s HomeBuyer service receive marketing support to inform their buyers and seller-buyers that they offer the guarantee.

Currently, the service is limited to 100 transactions per year or £12,000 per branch.

Babek Ismayil, Founder of OneDome, said, “Our mission is to fix the broken real estate transaction process and differentiate ourselves from other portals.

“We offer member real estate agents the opportunity to differentiate themselves by providing a faster and more efficient home buying and selling experience for their clients.

“The OneDome Guarantee is a great way for our real estate agents to stand out from their competition and offer that little extra something to win the hearts and minds of their clients. Failed transactions affect over 300,000 people a year and it’s a great way to reassure your customers that they are in safe hands.

Acaboom and NicheCom

Agency Marketing Tools Acaboom and NicheCom have joined forces in a new collaboration that aims to provide agents with a more engaging proposition to convert more reviews.

Under the agreement, agents using Acaboom software for marketing proposals and presentations to potential vendors will be able to directly embed NicheCom’s marketing materials.

This would include the ability to highlight NicheCom services such as 3D viewings, professional photographs, accurate floor plans and energy performance certificates.

Brian Farrell, Managing Director of Acaboom, said, “This is a great new integration that adds something extra to agents who already benefit from the marketing tools provided by NicheCom.

“We created the partnership in response to customer demand and agents quickly took advantage of the integration.

“The ability to further engage and visually compel customers to take notice is something no agent can afford to miss, so this is a new partnership we’re thrilled to enter into.”

Peter Burnham, Managing Director of NicheCom, said: “While the battle for new instructions remains highly competitive, we know agents must work harder than ever to stand out from the crowd.

“By incorporating a range of real estate marketing information and showcasing our portfolio, agents will benefit from an even more impressive proposal to send after the appraisal.”


Spring, a national home-buying and room-swapping service, has launched a real estate data platform for real estate agents and their clients to learn how quickly new properties are selling.

The free service, called MoveSmart, allows users to compare up to three locations at once by the first three characters of a zip code.

The data brings together information from government sources, including the Land Registry and statistical technology company Propalt

The results also present a breakdown of comparable properties for sale or sold in the area along with the average sale prices.

Estate agents will also be able to find out the estimated costs of household bills,

Cormac Henderson, Managing Director of Spring, said: “MoveSmart is a game-changer for the market and we are excited to launch a useful tool that will provide real estate agents with more information by postcode that they can share with their clients when they are considering their next move.

“Realtors will also be able to use our MoveSmart platform to also see how a spring completion compares to their zip code and use it as a tool with their underwriting team to discuss deals with their clients.”

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