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LUBBOCK, TX – Home care agencies in Lubbock are among many companies struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic, Best In-Home Care said on Monday afternoon.

“Right now, the problem is skilled caregivers. We’re probably an average agency, 60 caregivers, and we’re down to just over 30 now, ”said Best In-Home Care operations director Doug Nelson.

Nelson said that before the pandemic, the agency was taking about 2,000 hours of care each week. Now they can only manage about 1,000 hours per week.

“We noticed that we weren’t getting any calls from Craigslist, indeed – completely dried up,” Nelson said, adding that they were getting an average of 20 applicants a month, but they are not getting any now.

“I even called Indeed. They said it was nationwide. There is a shortage. People don’t register, ”he explained.

To find more caregivers, Nelson said the company has increased wages and provided bonuses, which can be costly.

Not only does this increase the price of care services, Nelson said Best In-Home Care has paid “huge amounts” of overtime.

“We have to take the caregivers that we have and put them on another job, where if you had a bunch of them you might not have to take someone who already has 40 hours a week,” Nelson explained. . “And now you have to pay them a bunch of overtime.”

Best In-Home Care hasn’t made a lot of money between paying caregivers and what it charges clients.

“If you increase clients by a dollar or two, it helps pay caregivers so agencies like ours can pay the bills,” Nelson said.

“Bless our caregivers. They will, they will go for it, ”said Nelson, although he acknowledged that this was not the most sustainable option for the company.

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