How will 5G change mobile advertising in India and how will video be the main driver?

By Sahil Chopra

A faster online experience awaits customers as 5G opens up new possibilities for the world of advertising. According to a report by Deloitte, India’s booming digital economy will get a new boost, given the growing use of smartphones, internet penetration and ever-improving mobile connectivity. data.

5G, with To download and download speeds, will deliver better Internet connectivity to customers, which will help brands build customer engagement. The government is already investing around $30 billion in disruptive technologies such as 4G and 5G. These government-led initiatives aim to shape a robust digital setup in rural India to make 4G and 5G easily accessible. With data accelerating in rural areas, brands will access untapped audiences in all geographies.

  1. Personalization

We will soon witness new ways in which brands are reaching their target audience. Advertisers will consider personalized ads that match consumers’ internet speed and preferences. For example, 5G blesses the masses with the ability to download a 2-hour HD movie in about 18 minutes. For users using 5G, brands will introduce innovations in advertisements to take advantage of the technology.

  1. Analytic

It’s time to break down more barriers in the world of real-time data analytics. With 5G in everyone’s hands, we’ll be able to follow a wide range of online action in real time. Better real-time data analysis means better customer experience and improved audience targeting and segmentation.

  1. Video

5G is good news for video advertising. Videos are now an integral part of any content marketing strategy. According to reports, the digital video audience in India is valued at 400 million. The growing consumption of digital videos may be due to faster data connectivity, which is about to get even better with 5G in the picture. 5G will accelerate the growth of OTT and Connected TV exponentially.

Short videos have managed to create their own fan base. Uninterrupted 5G speeds just mean more video advertising on digital platforms. This will incentivize brands to shift their traditional ad spend to digital advertising. As a result, we will soon see more budget allocated to video content.

  1. Metaverse

AR and VR technologies require high-speed internet connectivity. With 5G on board, advertisers now have the freedom to experiment with more engaging media formats. Advertisers have already started to capitalize on AR and VR technologies. Additionally, approximately 100 million consumers will use augmented reality. Immersive experiences are shaping the future of online engagement, which is why there is a good buzz around Metaverse among people. 5G will act as a powerful supporting technology to dramatically change the way people interact online.

  1. creative advertising

We can expect new immersive content to come to us already. With more 5G-enabled phones, advertisers aim to deploy realistic advertising experiences on smartphones with negligible latency. It is only a matter of time before we are subjected to VR advertisements using the full potential of 5G, which present a product or service in gaming or social environments.

To get the most out of 5G and stay ahead of the game, brands must be ready to seize new opportunities. 5G is here to channel more immersive interactions between brands and consumers, and advertisers should be keen to recognize what will work well in their marketing strategy.

The author is Founder and CEO, iCubesWire

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