Huawei’s mobile advertising unit expands business to Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines



Huawei’s mobile advertising division, Huawei Ads, is expanding its business to Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, introducing more partner support and various advertising solutions to entice local advertisers to join the platform.

The expansion of this business is aimed at encouraging local advertisers to join the platform and amplify their brand messages in the Huawei ecosystem. With Huawei Ads, advertisers can choose from a wide range of advertising options for placements in Huawei’s native and third-party apps. Currently, Huawei Ads is integrated with over 10,000 third-party apps in APAC. The platform comes with innovative formats like custom placements on its official AppGallery app store and new search ads on Petal Search, in addition to standard display ads like banner ads, interstitial ads , native ads, splash ads, award-winning ads, and scrolling ads.

The Huawei Ads platform supports real-time and programmatic bidding, as well as precise targeting features like lookalike audiences and retargeting. Such features ensure that advertiser posts and placements are directed to the ideal users who match their demographics. Additionally, Huawei Ads provides tools like Smart Bidding and Smart Banners, along with one-click install links, to give advertisers more control over ad settings.

Additionally, all Huawei Ads inventories have been integrated into the international standard Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SKD), a set of software tools designed by IAB Tech Lab to facilitate visibility of measurement data by third parties. OM SKD Compatible Media enables consistent ad visibility reports to be generated for every ad placed in the app environment, providing Huawei Ads advertisers with independent third-party data to better assess their ad performance and ensure fairness and accountability. transparency in the programmatic advertising market.

Direct advertisers and certified agencies in three markets can enjoy a number of benefits after joining, including free advertising credit for direct advertisers eligible for the trial program, media spend discounts for certified agencies, local team support to guide process integration, expert training on ad campaign setup and optimization, as well as beta testing opportunities for new products for certified partners.

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