In social media first, the World Surf League is posting the ad for the next episode of “The Ultimate Surfer” which reaches a universal negativity so far considered impossible: “It makes me uncomfortable.”


That goddamn surf life.

Yesterday, the double Oscar nominated actor Jonah Hill responded to a request for BeachGrit coming to our Dirty Water podcast to chat and chat denying it. “Why did you ask me to be on your podcast if all you’re doing is being rude to me?” “He asked before adding:” I get nothing from surfing but joy. I hope you are well.”

Everything is fine, but as the day progressed Hill’s post started to annoy slightly. rude to him? Isn’t that an integral part of this surfer’s life?

Inextricably woven?

And so I said, “Jonas, will you allow a retaliation? Surfing is old, existed long before your joyous discovery. It’s kind of like skateboarding, which I think you like, with culture, jokes and ribs. To ignore the conversation is to miss it altogether. BeachGrit has never been rude to you. It has been like surfing for you. Now, if you really care, this world is your oyster. If you don’t, then get it.

I wasn’t expecting a response, let alone a thoughtful response, so I was blown off my Applebees stool a few minutes later when her missive appeared in my refurbished iPhone.

“I agree and calling myself a VAL and a Madman is super funny and really funny in the idea of ​​someone new entering the culture and trying to co-opt it.” People love to report on what I do and I can see how it makes me feel like I’m trying to be more of a representative of surfing than I want to be. I’m really having fun and really enjoying it.

What really hurts is attacking my appearance or my appearance. I think this is unnecessary for your point and honestly it sucks. Although I’m a public figure, I’m still a person who’s heard shit like this my whole life. In fact, that’s what kept me from surfing until I was 35 because I didn’t like how I felt.

That being said, as a professional comedian for 20 years, I don’t judge your attempts to fit into my culture and try to be funny. Maybe I should practice what I preach and see you looking for some fruit at your fingertips as I start eating moss and try something that I enjoy and am not yet into. very gifted. But if you smile, I shouldn’t be judging. So lesson learned. My fault.

Hope you enjoy the journey of learning how to be funny. Lots of respect for surfing and for pissing off people. I just didn’t understand the need to attack my looks or appearance in such a harsh and truly hurtful way. Feel free to print this and we should be surfing one day.

Hope you see my response as a kind gesture to give you another article to write. And I hope to see you around. Just make sure you’re fair reporters and print it out in full (smiley emoji) and I really appreciate your thoughtful explanation. “

Applebees is not the place to think deeply about life choices but there I sat, thinking deeply, flanked by a motorcycle enthusiast who had just left his wife and a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. .

Lots of flair.

Jonah Hill was right.

He was right and I was wrong.

False and rude.

I really appreciated that he explains what hurts and why it hurts in so much detail. Rare nowadays to have any conversation with an opposing party, to be sensitive and open, but it was the case and I offered to offer him a drink of apologies one day. He told me that he appreciated it but that he would prefer to visit me, once, and we would even call him.

Now I have to go to Malibu and get around somehow Strider Wasilewski’s attack dogs.

That goddamn surf life.

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