Indian Advertising Standards Council (ASCI) launches new service for advertisers



On September 22, 2021, the Advertising Standards Council of India (“ASCI”) launched aAdvertising tips ” service to help self-regulate objectionable advertising. The service is intended to provide a means for all relevant stakeholders (including merchants, brands and advertisers) to determine from the pre-production stage of their advertising campaign that no misleading or exaggerated claims are made. is made with regard to the desired product or service. be announced; to ensure that the advertisements offered are flawless and to avoid violation of ASCI codes or guidelines. This paid service will be offered to ASCI members and non-members.

As part of this service, an Advertising Advice panel will be set up to offer opinions to advertisers. The panel will include a team of technical experts specialized in different fields and will examine the claims made in the advertisements. vis à vis evidence provided in support of the claim, to determine whether the claim is contestable. If found to be objectionable, the panel will provide further assistance and review the claim and objectionable evidence and offer technical support for the claim.

It is important to note that ASCI has clarified that its new service is not to be seen as any form of prior authorization by ASCI or as a guarantee against complaints in the future. The essence of the notice is limited to mitigating the risk of misleading, offensive, dangerous or unfair advertising. Advertisers who use the service can use the advice provided to them in any way they see fit. ASCI will continue to handle complaints through the normal process. The advisory committee should not overlap with the ASCI complaints mechanism in order to avoid any likely conflict.

ASCI General Secretary Ms. Manisha Kapoor said strong claims can continue to be made in advertisements without compromising the boundaries of honesty, decency, fairness and safety. She added that the advisory board will help brands better plan their advertising campaigns, while maintaining their competitive edge. It is important that the review be carried out by experts only at the pre-production stage, because after the campaign is released, campaign interruptions can seriously disrupt an advertiser’s economy. However, if such steps are taken by advertisers at the stage of formulating advertising campaigns, the risks associated with the campaign are mitigated and this benefits both advertisers and consumers as consumers are exposed to less problematic advertisements. .

In addition, ASCI President Mr. Subhash Kamath also said that promoting self-regulation will be central to ASCI’s future and that the opinion will help ensure that brands take the lead. measures necessary to ensure that regulatory standards are not violated while the interests of consumers are protected to the extent possible.

There are clear advantages to following ASCI’s advice for all stakeholders involved. Early identification and self-regulation not only promotes adherence to ASCI codes or guidelines, but effectively helps advertisers save on campaign costs, time, effort, and avoid potential loss of reputation once. advertising published in the commercial market. On the other hand, when it comes to the general public, consumers are also protected (to some extent) from objectionable or misleading advertising.


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