Insurance agency Cafaro offers group disability insurance in Long Island City and Deer Park, New York: Group disability benefits can be a valuable addition to their benefits package for companies with ten employees or more.


Smithtown, New York – (Release the thread) – 12/10/2021 – Group disability programs typically provide workers with a full disability pension up to 60 percent of their pre-disability income up to a specific limit, such as $ 10,000 per month. It can help cover personal expenses and protect the business.

In many cases, employers can choose a plan that fits their budget and works with their employees. For example, an employer may choose a guaranteed termination plan that allows employees to purchase insurance regardless of their current health. In addition, group rates are often lower than individual rates.

Depending on the tariff, insured employees can bring their insurance with them when they leave the company. Premiums can be paid by the employer, the employee, or a combination of both with before or after tax dollars.

Company premiums can be claimed as a deduction from business tax. With group disability insurance in Long Island City and Deer Park, New York in the pension system, you can attract and retain highly qualified employees.

Cafaro insurance agency offers additional insurance that can reduce costs in favor of the business. Since the mid-1980s, Cafaro insurance agency has been a leader in providing employee benefits, including group life insurance and group disability insurance. Although it is often referred to as a benefit, its growing demand has made it an essential part of the service package and is therefore expected by most newcomers.

The company works as an independent insurance broker with leading insurance companies and specializes in providing a wide variety of group insurance products tailored to the needs of today’s business world. Group life and disability insurance come in a number of options that can be tailored to the needs of their clients’ employees.

Cafaro insurance agency offers a wide range of group life insurance products to help employees develop realistic financial solutions that meet their needs. The company offers a variety of group life insurance options to meet the needs of almost any business, from basic life support to full life insurance and full life insurance policies that offer both benefits and life options.

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