Introducing Remote Rumble – The all-new acquisition agency bringing innovative sales concepts for business growth.

Remote Rumble is a brand new sales acquisition agency that helps businesses run their ads, book appointments, and close deals.

Launch a new business and set a new standard for sales agencies, serial entrepreneur Huub Knapen is excited to launch the brand new acquisition agency he co-founded with brent baker.

Remote rumble is a sales acquisition agency that brings innovative sales concepts that align with business strategies. The company is working on building high ticket deals that will range from 1500 to over 10,000 per product. Designed to help businesses manage their listings and appointments, as well as establish and close deals, the company exists to simplify and improve sales processes. The innovative client-centric agency fills the existing gaps in the sales market.

“This is no ordinary sales agency. Remote Rumble will revolutionize the sales market by reducing advertising costs and increasing conversions. Our sales technique aims to generate more profits for our clients,” the co-founders share.

Remote Rumble offers businesses in various industries and niches a proven sales technique to ensure an established revenue stream. The agency offers companies a new way to reduce operational costs and increase profits. Customers working with Remote Rumble get the full experience through in-depth analysis of their funnels, which leads to the development of strategies to ensure success. Knapen explains that the Remote Rumble team customizes client strategies to ensure their products sell well. “We also make everything in the funnel visible through detailed datasheets, which leads to accelerated growth.”

As a newly created agency, Remote Rumble is working on a demo with ten of the Netherlands’ leading coaches. These demos are live for three companies and have proven effective with significant results of up to 3-5x revenue in three months.

Following the success of these early demos, Remote Rumble is working to replicate these results for more businesses and locations around the world. The founders share that they have many new projects in the pipeline and are expected to go public in early 2023. “We are very excited to see the impact of our new acquisition agency concept in the existing market. .”

About Huub Knapen

Huub Knapen is a serial entrepreneur and now co-founder of Remote Rumble. He is a renowned entrepreneur and trainer who has helped many people develop their Amazon Stores to the next level.

In 2017, Knapen started selling through Amazon and made great progress and a lot of profit. Once established, he began teaching others how to sell on Amazon through a course he created and later took a course and outsourcing companies. As he grew, he realized the importance of having a good sales team to sell courses and outsourcing services. That’s how he met Brent Bakker and formed a great team.

Following the success of their first project, the duo decided to develop into a course, training and service activity; thus, Remote Rumble was born.

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