Jeremy Hunt calling the NHS a ‘rogue organisation’ is a bit rich

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This by Hans Bromwich, Cowes

Poacher-turned-gamekeeper Jeremy Hunt has just branded the NHS a ‘rogue organisation’ with an ingrained culture of cover-up. He was talking about the North East Ambulance Trust removing references to errors made by a paramedic, said Jeremy Hunt,

“This case is deeply concerning and appears to be another example of the toxic blame culture within the NHS which incites cover-up and means the same mistakes are repeated over and over again.”

More than a little rich comes from Hunt
While one can wholeheartedly agree with this view, it is frankly more than a little rich coming from people like Jeremy Hunt, who when he was Secretary of State for Health and Social Affairs between 2012 and 2018, organized the respiratory pandemic exercise, Operation Cygnus, in 2016.

This exercise revealed the need for PPE and that care home residents would be a particularly vulnerable group several years before the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Reduced emergency PPE stock levels to save money
What action have Jeremy Hunt and Sir Simon Stevens overseen in the meantime? Reducing emergency PPE stock levels to save money, which has resulted in inadequate protection for many healthcare workers.

Many have caught Covid and in some cases have very sadly died.

After years of downsizing and provision of hospital beds, patients have been desperately moved to, yes you guessed it, care homes, often untested and infected, leading to hundreds of premature deaths of nursing home residents.

Candidate as future Prime Minister?
The first responsibility of any government is to protect its people, the idea that Jeremy Hunt sees himself as a suitable candidate for future Prime Minister simply defies opinion, as John McEnroe would say,

“You can’t be serious!”

Image: NHS Confederation under CC BY 2.0

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