Kanye Reveals Plans To Build His Own Private ‘Mini-Towns’

Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West – whose ties to the real world continue to dry up day by day, including this week’s news that the fashion company Balenciaga was cutting ties with him during a recent wave of anti-Semitic behavior – is seemingly getting closer and closer to constructing its own reality. rolling stone reports that West’s lawyers apparently took steps this week to file trademarks for his own “mini-cities,” supposedly dubbed “Yecosystems,” where the kinds of people comfortable with their everyday survival ruled by Kanye West might one day go live, briefly.

It’s hard as always with West, to analyze all the the chaos of this budding Walt Disney movement; easier to just assume that West is trying to distract himself from the self-inflicted wounds caused by his latest “No Bad Publicity” stunts, which included announcing to the world that he was about to go “Death con 3” about the Jewish people (Adidas, one of West’s oldest business partners, is now apparently “revision” their relationship as critics call on company to take a stand against anti-Semitism.) In a recent interview which annoyingly made Piers Morgan sound like the voice of reason, West refused to apologize for the comments, saying, essentially, that he should be allowed to say whatever he wants about whoever he wants, at any time, and regardless of consequences for others.

Hthat’s the thing with all this “Yecosystem” crap, yet. A), West has apparently been planning this project for a few years now, employing some supposedly serious people people who are not just “Kanye West runs his mouth” in order to develop “a stand-alone business that would have its own brand houses,” as well as “retail stores that sell Yecosystem branded food and beverage products. Asd, b) it has made real progress in the direction of urban planning in recent times, especially with the launch of its Donda Academy– a real school, where real human children attend and learn, which opened last year.

The thing is, while we’d all rather just look away from the trash fire, this particular trash fire has enough money, fame, and lawyers to make a real impact every once in a while.; we may not pass real-world “Yecosystems” (or YzyversYxyversesWhere Yeezyversall of which have also been filed) anytime soon, although one of the rolling stoneSources swear they’ll be opening their first “campus” next month— but he certainly has the resources to make matters worse in his efforts to reshape the world in his own way Image centered on Kanye.

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