McDonald’s sued for false advertising

by: Dennis Craig, Nexstar Multimedia Cable

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(NEXSTAR) – It may be Shamrock Shake season at McDonald’s, but March doesn’t seem so lucky for the fast-food chain that has come under fire for breaking ice cream makers. Not only is the problem making it easy to fodder on the internet, it’s even led to legal action from a company that has already tried to help.

Earlier this week, tech startup Kytch officially filed a legal complaint against McDonald’s, accusing the company of misconduct, including false advertising and interference with its contracts with its customers, according to In the 133-page complaint, Kytch said it wants to “set the record straight, enforce the company’s rights under civil law, curb McDonald’s anti-competitive behavior, recover compensatory and punitive damages, protect the consuming public from false and misleading advertising”. , and finally fixing broken McDonald’s soft serve machines.

The lawsuit came after Kytch developed and sold a device that helped franchise owners detect and fix problems with their ice cream machines. After the startup found early success with the device, McDonald’s emailed franchise owners asking them to remove the devices, saying they could cause injury. McDonald’s also accused Kytch of accessing confidential McDonald’s information.

Kytch not only called the claims false, but went on to say that he uncovered a “repair racket” between McDonald’s and the third party that exclusively manufactures and repairs the company’s ice cream machines.

Kytch is seeking $900 million in damages from McDonald’s.

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