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Partnership will bolster’s high-quality news inventory with transparent and trusted rankings produced by NewsGuard’s team of experienced journalists, a leading contextual advertising technology company, announced a partnership with NewsGuard, an organization that assesses the credibility and transparency of news sources, to help brands advertise responsibly on high-quality information, while avoiding the brand safety risks of misinformation and disinformation.’s deep partnerships with agencies and major holding companies will benefit from this added layer of security for thousands of advertisers on the platform.

NewsGuard works with advertisers, agencies, and ad technology companies to help protect brands from ad placements on sites with false stories and instead direct their ads to trusted news sites. Through this partnership, will have access to NewsGuard’s detailed trust ratings for thousands of news and information sources, which are produced by a team of journalists trained using nine basic apolitical journalistic criteria which assess the credibility and transparency practices of each site.

Ratings are continually updated to account for new and changing subject areas, changes in ownership or editorial practices, and other factors that affect the credibility and brand safety of news sites. By applying NewsGuard rankings as an additional factor in enforcing its strict platform policies related to news and information inventory, will ensure that its advertisers will continue to have access to news inventory. high quality and will further mitigate the ongoing brand safety risk from misinformation and misinformation. sources.

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“We pride ourselves on delivering high-performing, high-quality inventory to our advertisers, and we’re excited to reinforce that commitment to quality journalism,” said Karan Dalal, SVP, Business Development and Operations at . . “Through this new partnership with NewsGuard, advertisers can be assured that our news inventory is subjected to an extra level of scrutiny and checked for credibility and risk of misinformation by subject matter experts using clear and transparent criteria.

NewsGuard co-CEO Steven Brill praised for its proactive approach to resolving the issue. “Over the past few years, we have seen the dramatic impact of misinformation on real-world events and the power of quality journalism to keep the public informed,” Brill said. “At NewsGuard, we salute’s ongoing dedication to protecting its advertisers from these risks, while providing high-quality news inventory to clients who wish to invest in legitimate journalism advertising, thereby helping to fund information we all need.

News and information advertising has become more complex for brands in recent years due to the challenges of identifying credible news sources and the inherent brand safety risks of programmatic advertising, including thousands of sites that now regularly publish misinformation and fake news. NewsGuard estimated that $2.6 billion in programmatic advertising revenue is inadvertently spent on misinformation websites each year, including more than 4,000 major brands that advertised on COVID-19 misinformation during the pandemic.

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Through the partnership with NewsGuard, advertisers enjoy even greater brand safety protection while strengthening their ability to advertise on quality news inventory. already deploys its proprietary contextual technology across 150 million distinct URLs per day, analyzing page-level intent to provide an accurate and deep understanding of topic variance, while identifying valuable content tailored to brand for advertisers. This partnership is emblematic of’s commitment to furthering its mission to create a safe and seamless advertising experience for buyers, sellers and ultimately consumers.

In addition to the impact on advertisers,’s partnership with NewsGuard reinforces their mission to create a healthy and safe ecosystem for advertisers and agencies. Brands that advertise on high-quality news sites see significant financial benefits. A case study using NewsGuard data found that brands can achieve 9% lower CPMs and higher click-through rates by advertising on trusted news sources approved by NewsGuard reporters.

“It can be difficult for brands to figure out how to advertise responsibly in the news, but through this partnership, is making it even easier,” said Carter Stone, vice president of partnerships at NewsGuard. “We are delighted to work with to support quality journalism.”

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