Metro launches “smart door branding”


Kolkata: With the aim of increasing non-fare revenue, Kolkata Metro Railway has started marking the smart doors of various stations in the north-south corridor of the metro.

“We have decided to mark the 304 smart doors of the various stations in the north-south corridor of the metro so that they have huge attractions to the naked eye,” said an official from Kolkata Metro Railway.

He reiterated that an educational app maker recently got the trademark right for these smart doors for five years.

They have started posting their application details on these doors. The work of marking all the North-South metro doors will soon be finished.

Previously, Kolkata Metro Railway had offered the stations station trademark rights to companies such as private universities, banks, health institutions and insurance companies.

On August 19, 2021, a call for tenders has already been launched on the portal inviting companies to participate through an open call for tenders.

Five north-south metro stations namely Dumdum, Noapara, Belgachia, Esplanade and Park Street and two east-west metro stations namely Bengal Chemical and Sealdah (which will be operational very soon) have been proposed for the allocation of the rights of station brand in the tender.

The duration of the contract will be five years.

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