More lifesaving equipment stolen at Bonhill Bridge as thieves are branded ‘insane’

Police have issued an appeal after more lifesaving equipment was stolen from a bridge in Bonhill.

Thieves struck at Bonhill Bridge over the weekend, removing lifebuoys and throwing them in the water.

Lifesaving equipment had already been stolen from the bridge in December, with rings also stolen from bridges in Dumbarton and elsewhere in Alexandria.

Calling for information, Sgt Gillian Gall of the Dumbarton Community Engagement Team said: ‘The theft of lifebuoys is putting people’s lives at risk. It has been reported to Police Scotland that other lifebuoys Lifeboats were pulled from Bonhill Bridge over the weekend and investigations are underway to identify those responsible.

“If you have any information about the theft of life rings at Bonhill Bridge, please contact the police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie also urged anyone with information to come forward, as she called the thefts despicable.

Jackie said: ‘It’s absolutely shameful that the police have to spend time catching the culprits who robbed them.

“I cannot understand the mentality of someone who would deliberately take lifesaving equipment and in turn endanger the safety of other local people.

“We all know of the tragedies that have happened on Loch Lomond and the River Leven in recent years, leaving families devastated.

“If such equipment had been readily available, the loss of life could have been avoided.

“I urge anyone who knows anything about this despicable and senseless offense to contact the police immediately.”

Lifesaving equipment was stolen from Stuckie Bridge as well as others across Dumbarton and the Vale.

The Lennox Herald recently reported how in December thieves struck at Bonhill Bridge, Dumbarton Bridge and Stuckie Bridge, shortly after they were set up by West Dunbartonshire Council.

A council spokesperson said: “We are extremely disappointed and frustrated that further lifesaving equipment has been stolen in our area.

“These buoys can save lives in an emergency and their removal could have devastating consequences for anyone in difficulty in the water.

“We want to re-emphasize the importance of protecting this equipment for our communities and urge anyone with information about this crime to contact Police Scotland on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

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