Nadine Luster reserves the right to decide on the brand, the image – legal advice


This archive photo shows actress Nadine Luster. (Nadine Luster / Facebook)

Actress and singer Nadine Chandelier has “retained its rights” to its brand and image, his camp said on Friday.

In a statement, Luster legal advisers Gideon Peña and Eirene Jhone Aguilar said the artist and Viva Artistes Agency (Viva) settled their legal problems “on fair and mutually beneficial terms”.

“Nadine and Viva have agreed to continue their professional relationship on an exclusive basis until December 31, 2029, Nadine retaining her decision-making rights,” Luster lawyers said.

In January 2020, Luster’s camp declared that she was no longer with Viva and “is self-managed and will continue to be so indefinitely.”

“She will now lead the management of her affairs, and reservations and inquiries can be directed to her directly,” said a statement from the Kapunan & Castillo law firm quoted by reports.

Viva, however, disputed this statement and said Luster “remains an exclusive artist” of the art agency.

“Any transaction or professional engagement entered into by Nadine without VIVA’s consent or approval constitutes a breach of contract. VIVA will take appropriate legal action against Nadine and / or third parties who deal directly with Nadine in violation of VIVA’s management contract, ”he also said.

After announcing to be “self-managed”, Luster continued her musical career and released an album under Negligent, a label created by her former boyfriend, singer and actor James Reid.

In December of that year, the arts agency, which had managed Luster since becoming a member of Ppop Girls, filed a lawsuit against the actress for allegedly violating her existing management contract with them.

In June of this year, Quezon City Regional Magistrates’ Court Branch 220 decided that Luster should still honor its contract with Viva.

In a resolution dated June 3, Luster was reportedly ordered by the Quebec court to “cease and desist” from entering into new employment contracts as an artist or endorser and those contracts that she signed without consent. and the participation of the artistic agency.

QC judge Jose Paneda said Luster should “honor and maintain his contractual obligations to VAA under the agreement in question before and during arbitration.”

Months later, the two sides settled their legal issues and committed to working professionally.

“To avoid future misunderstandings, the two sides have agreed not to make any further comments on the matter,” legal advisers Peña and Aguila said.

“For now, Nadine and Viva remain committed and focused on providing quality entertainment,” they added. —Rosette Adel


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