New York Times Advertising, Seed Health and The Clear Cut among winners of 2022 Future Leader Awards

Digiday Media is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2022 Future Leader Awards. Representing brands, agencies, retailers and publishers, this year’s winners lead their organizations into the future through their visionary leadership while ensuring that that their impact is felt beyond the results. This year’s winners demonstrate that a true leader takes many forms, from implementing policies and peer groups to leveraging their expertise for initiatives that benefit their communities and society.

Rachel Goldstein, head of industry and technology at The New York Times Advertising, spearheaded the establishment of cutting-edge partnerships that have had a significant impact on The Times. These include a collaboration with Google Cloud that has helped digitize over 100 years of photographic archives, making them more accessible and protecting their history. Goldstein also considered ways for his team to apply his work beyond business, such as an initiative with Verizon Innovative Learning that provided underfunded students with free access to the Times website. This innovative vision earned him the title of Digiday Future Leader in the Publisher category.

Another winner, Raja Dhir, co-founder and co-CEO of Seed Health, is guided by his belief in the potential of bacteria to improve our bodies and the health of the planet. Using his scientific expertise, Dhir has led Seed through clinical trials, funding rounds, and massive growth with the greater good of people and the planet in mind. Besides the consumer health aspect of the company, Dhir is spearheading research into the potential of probiotics to support threatened ecosystems under his SeedLabs branch, and he has led the way in making the company completely neutral in carbon. His work earned him the title of Modern Retail Future Leader in the Established Retailer category.

The Glossy Future Leader winner in the Fashion category was also driven by goals far beyond business. After receiving requests for bespoke diamond rings through her educational blog, Olivia Landau started The Clear Cut, teaching others how to buy diamonds. She has driven her company to massive growth by combining a luxury experience with scalable, technological human expertise. Additionally, its team of female gemologists inject much-needed diversity and innovation into a largely outdated industry.

Check out the guide below to learn more about all of this year’s winners, including their achievements and an overview of why they were selected. You can also download the full guide here.

New York Times Advertising, Seed Health and The Clear Cut among 2022 Future Leader Awards winners

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