Newsome promoted to AD Associate for Internal Operations



NORMAL, Illinois – Illinois State Sports Director Kyle brennan announced Thursday that Emily newsome was promoted to Deputy Director of Sports for Internal Operations with immediate effect. She will also be the sports administrator of the Redbird football program.

“Emily has been a valued member of our senior management and has been instrumental in the sustainability of this department,” said Brennan. “His work in-house on the commercial front got us through one of the most difficult years in the history of the department and to come out on the other side with a clear plan for the future. She is a rising star in this industry and we can’t wait to see where her leadership takes us in the future. “

In December 2019, Newsome was promoted to deputy athletic director for business and personnel and became a member of the department’s leadership team. In this role, she oversees the business units / personnel / facilities and gaming operations of the department and all budgetary areas of the sports department. She also coordinates with legal, purchasing, facilities planning, budget and controller services as a liaison for the sports department and is a member of the university’s student registration fee committee. , the Campus Improvement Committee and the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council.

Prior to that, Newsome was a business associate and hiring manager for the sports department from December 2011 to 2019. His duties included creating and updating job descriptions, managing payroll approvals for the department, and processing all new hiring and firing documents for all sports department staff. She also served as the liaison between the university’s affirmative action office and the athletics department to implement ethics programs and other training programs to ensure that action plans assertions are properly managed.

Newsome began her tenure with Illinois State Athletics in 2006 as a student intern, working four years in various roles during her undergraduate career. She was then hired as a Graduate Assistant in 2010 in the Athletics Business Office and assisted in processing payments for various sports department expenses (travel, operations, payroll, special purchases) until she was hired on time. full in 2011.

A two-time graduate from the State of Illinois, Newsome received a Bachelor of Business Administration in May 2010, followed by a Masters of Business Administration in December 2011.

The Pontiac, Ill. Native currently lives in Magnolia, Ill. With her husband Christopher and their three children Jace, Brock and Claire. The couple are expecting their fourth child in July. and the Illinois State Redbirds app: Your sources for Illinois State tickets, gifts / contributions to the Weisbecker scholarship fund for ISU Athletics, multimedia, Redbird merchandise, photos and more.


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