Nielsen and Interactive Advertising Bureau forecast an increase in the number of diverse audiences …

Release of the report “Seen on screen 2021”

NIELSEN’s recent “Seen on Screen 2021” report indicates that diverse audiences listen to podcasts 9 to 2 times per month, 3 hours per week, and that people with disabilities listen the most at home. The report examines the importance of the quantity and quality of on-screen representation for various identity groups: Blacks, Hispanics, and people with disabilities. Specifically, how and how often different identity groups appear in the content – and where in the storyline or topic – matters.

Black listeners stream audio more than other audiences, while listening closer when brands connect, with an average of 73% brand retention for podcast ads. Podcasts are now a go-to platform for Hispanics to find diverse content that reflects their experiences and culture, and the podcasters who best engage them. As such, podcast listening among 25-39 Hispanics has doubled in the past three years. From the unique Asian AMERICAN experience to culturally relevant comedy, the availability of content that speaks to Asian Americans is a key reason the number of podcast listeners has grown 5-fold in the past decade.

The transformation towards increased podcast engagement over the past decade has created the opportunity for all audiences to find more content that resonates. And while the positive momentum of podcasting is attracting more celebrities and even fueling original TV content, podcasts are attracting big ad dollars. THE INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING BUREAU (IAB) predicts advertising revenue to reach $ 2 billion by 2023, well above the $ 842 million generated last year.

Notably, podcast advertising, especially when read by the host, generates stronger brand recall than more traditional forms of advertising. For example, NIELSEN’s PODCAST AD EFFECTIVENESS (PAE) solutions found that host-read ads generate a 71% brand retention rate, which in turn creates high levels of consumer interest, intent to purchase and intent to recommend.

For more information on the “Seen On Screen 2021” report click on here.

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