Nine-year-old girl tortured by her aunt, branded with a hot object

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): A woman was sentenced on Sunday for torturing her nine-year-old niece (daughter of her husband’s sister) and allegedly branding her private parts with a hot object in the MIG area. The girl was living with her maternal uncle after her mother died a few months ago. Residents of the area informed Childline officials, following which a complaint was lodged with the police and the girl was admitted to hospital for treatment.

According to Childline coordinator Rahul Gothane, the girl was rescued on Saturday evening. The girl was found wandering near Patnipura Square and taken to the MIG police station. Later, her medical examination was done. The girl informed the authorities that her mother died a few months ago and since then she has been living with her maternal uncle in the area. His father remains in Varanasi.

Childline and police officials found wounds on her body and burn marks on her private parts. The police discovered that the girl was regularly beaten by her maternal aunt.

MIG Police Station Chief Ajay Kumar Verma said a case under various sections had been registered against the girl’s aunt and further investigation was ongoing. The young girl is treated in a city hospital and the police take her statement. Also, the role of his maternal uncle is under consideration. Statements from neighbors and residents of the neighborhood are collected by the police. His father was informed of the incident.

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