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Simon Dolan, political commentator and author of Trump The Hidden Halo, called the former Daily Mirror editor’s interview with the New York-born tycoon “flat and failed”. Mr Dolan blasted the former CNN presenter’s interview as a “publicity stunt” and “heavily doctored”.

However, the US political pundit said while it was uncertain whether Mr Trump would run for the White House in 2024, a Republican victory was likely, with Florida Governor Ron De Santis another candidate. possible for the Republican nomination.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump was, unfortunately for the veteran presenter, flat and brought nothing new to viewers of the hit interview.

“Although he was strongly followed and arrived on television to much fanfare, the former president easily dodged hostile questions from Morgan.

“Basically, the interview was unlikely to be a successful investigation into the Trump administration because the trailer had been heavily doctored in advance, with that in mind it looked more like a publicity stunt for Piers Morgan than to a serious interview.

“An interesting point arising from the interview was the possibility of Trump running for the 2024 Republican nomination. It was hotly debated whether he would run or endorse popular Republican politician Ron DeSantis.

“I think there’s still a 50:50 chance that Trump will show up in 2024 or not.

“Although he has a huge and loyal base, he is still and no doubt will continue to be maligned and portrayed by leftist media as a divisive figure in American politics.

“DeSantis, however, would retain a large majority of Trump’s base while being a more attractive vote for many centrists than Donald Trump.

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“What I believe to be largely certain at this point is a Republican victory in 2024, with Americans walking away from Biden and the Dems over dismal handling of Afghanistan, the economy, COVID -19 and the war in Ukraine.”

Mr Morgan’s interview with Mr Trump got off to a bad start when he was handed a dossier of critical comments the former GMB presenter had made about him.

The dossier was reportedly compiled and given to Mr Trump by former UKIP leader and GB News presenter Nigel Farage.

The comments included criticism Mr Morgan had leveled at Mr Trump’s “dismal” handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his response to his defeat in the 2020 US presidential election.

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Footage also appeared in the interview trailer that appeared to show Mr. Trump walking out of the interview.

However, in a statement, Mr Trump called it an attempt by Mr Morgan, who was part of the “fake media”, to “misleadingly” edit his “boring” interview.

Mr Trump argued that he only came out when the interview was over.

During the interview, the pair clashed over the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election which Mr Morgan described as “free” and “fair”.

In response, Mr Trump launched into a tirade about Mr Morgan’s comments.

He said, “Do you really believe that? Well, you are a fool. So you are a fool. You’re a fool and you haven’t studied it.

Mr Trump has declined to disclose whether he will run for the White House in 2024 despite intense speculation.

A range of other issues such as Megan Markle the Queen and the war in Ukraine were also touched on in the interview.

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