Pixel 6 advertising campaign begins in UK with sponsorship of Highland TV


With the Pixel 6, Google is “ready to invest a lot in marketing” and it started with the first online ad on Wednesday. It continues its momentum with a Pixel 6 UK ad campaign that sees “Google Pixel” being the “proud sponsor” of a new UK television show which premiered this week.

Channel 4 in the UK runs ads for Highlife, a four-part premium Black British “docu-ality series”, which on the web is directly linked to the Pixel 6 page on the google store:

Documentary series about the life and loves of a group of ambitious and glamorous young British West Africans who all pursue their own idea of ​​success

One of the longer promotions sees a golden Pixel 6 Pro in one of the character’s hands. The end slide shows an existing image, but does not refer to it by name. Rather, it is “The New Google Phone”. It’s unclear whether this UK announcement was completed early on – before the ‘Pixel 6’ brand was finalized, or whether the ‘Google phone’ moniker will be widely used in the coming months.

It’s the first time Google worked with a UK broadcaster on a ‘branded entertainment-led partnership’. For Channel 4, this “exclusive agreement” is the most important ever. In addition to “Google Pixel” and the phone appearing in ads, Google has funded a “five-part branded social entertainment series” and other ads where there will be:

the first real glimpses of the all-new Google Pixel 6 phone, which has a range of all-new camera features that make photos look and feel more authentic.

The creative asks them a series of questions about their life and culture to allow audiences to learn more about each of the cast members, while aligning their lifestyle with one of the new features of Google Pixel 6. Truly celebrating both the new show and the new Google phone.

It’s no surprise that Google is putting the emphasis on the camera, and it remains to be seen what other features will be directly announced.

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