Powered by 5G, Airtel Unveils Immersive Virtual Reality Ad at IMC 2022

Bharti Airtel on Sunday unveiled an immersive virtual reality (VR) ad powered by the fifth generation (5G) mobile system during the 6th India Mobile Congress. The telecom operator said the Airtel Thanks app advertising format opens up new avenues for brands to engage with consumers in an immersive environment that was previously not possible in the traditional advertising paradigm.

The country’s mobile users are spending more and more time on their screens, averaging five hours a day, according to a report by data.ai. With more than 750 million mobile users nationwide and shortened user attention spans, the telecom company said brands are turning to innovative mobile-centric ad formats to connect with this new audience. generation and capture their attention. The company said the super-fast, low-latency 5G network ensures that 3D visuals and videos look lifelike. Using this ad format, he said brands could offer their customers an immersive ad without any lag, which made it very engaging. The phone company said it tapped brands including PepsiCo and SonyLIV to create a pilot and demonstrate the capabilities.

Adarsh ​​Nair, CEO of Airtel Digital, said, “The biggest benefit of 5G is that it allows us to do more with low latency. We are leveraging this technology to create India’s first-ever immersive VR ad that offers brands a direct connection to consumers in a mobile-first environment. Brands can leverage this to create engaging, immersive, and personalized experiences for their customers. » (ANI)

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