Print advertising is far from dead: INMA report – Business News

The rapid boom in digital media has redefined the way marketing efforts are conducted. However, print advertising remains at the heart of the marketing mix, according to a new report from the International News Media Association (INMA).

The report titled “The Power and Promise of Print Advertising” states that despite misperceptions about the effectiveness of print advertising, the return on investment from print advertising is working for advertisers, media companies and the public.

Print advertising represents one of the oldest and most widespread forms of media, consisting mainly of newspapers and
mainstream magazines.

The report dismissed the idea of ​​print as an afterthought, urging news media companies to better educate agencies and media buyers.

“While digital has captured most of the buzz in the world of news media, print is far from dead. It’s important to remember that print continues to offer compelling advertising solutions that cannot be realized in the digital space,” the report states.

According to the Global Print Advertising Market Report and Forecast 2021-2026, the print advertising market reached a value of US$67.3 billion in 2020. Despite the declining growth of the market and the competition to which Faced with new advertising mediums such as web and mobile advertising, print advertising still accounts for a significant share of the global advertising market, according to the report.

A large part of the world’s population still subscribes to newspapers and magazines, either because they are used to reading them or because they are considered a symbol of respectability for
educated families.

Additionally, print ads are less intrusive and at the same time provide unlimited exposure than other forms of media because the reader can study the ad at their leisure without a time limit.
or interruptions.

Print media also offers positional flexibility as it gives advertisers the choice of where to place the ad in a publication, the
highlighted report.

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