QuickPAA emphasizes vision by announcing new rebranding strategy to improve remittances, features and approach

An Africa-First platform enabling users to make smarter decisions with their money while encouraging financial inclusiveness.

With an increase in remittance requests in recent times, $30 billion was recorded in 2020 alone, there is great potential and responsibility as a remittance platform supporting diasporas.

— Tracey Abiola

UNITED KINGDOM, June 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — QuickPAA registered as OneAfrica Technologies Ltd is raising international money transfers from the UK to Ghana at no cost since 2021.

The brand has received positive recognition among the Ghanaian diasporas as a go-to money transfer platform, with key features such as charging 0% fees on remittances and guaranteeing secure instant transfers with full encryption of personal data. .

As part of its commitment to ease of remittances and financial inclusion for the African Diaspora with the most competitive rates, QuickPAA announced that it has crowned a major rebranding strategy by launching OA Pay powered by OneAfrica Technologies Ltd. .

The rebranding took a long time to underline the vision to be the one-stop platform for remittances to anywhere in Africa, with an addition to meet a significant demand for investment opportunities, services real estate, travel packages, business and informal opportunities. remittances from the African Diaspora.

Established in May 2021, QuickPAA has primarily focused on the Ghanaian diaspora prioritizing remittances from the UK to Ghana, unlike the rebranding with OA Pay, which will soon transfer money from UK to anywhere in Africa.

OA Pay is an in-house money transfer platform with no hidden fees, offering the highest transfer rates and communicating real-time transfer alerts. While OA Pay comes with a new overhaul of the platform and user experience, OA Pay will also be registered as OneAfrica Technologies Ltd. It entails financial inclusion as well as compelling features that a remittance platform should have as its vision.

OA Pay reiterates its rebranding as an Africa-first approach to inspire the continent’s diaspora to make smarter decisions with their money. To transfer money with OA Pay, you will need your personal data, the reason for the exchange, including the following information, whether it is your own account or that of another recipient:

• Beneficiary name
• Beneficiary account number
• Swift or BSB code/routing number
• Bank name

“With an increase in remittance requests in recent times, $30 billion was recorded in 2020 alone, there is great potential and responsibility with equally exciting times as a remittance platform supporting diasporas,” said Tracey Abiola, Director of OneAfrica Technologies Ltd.

With the boom in mobile money and e-transfers in African countries, worried governments are levying fintech taxes, and change was the need of the hour! QuickPAA has focused solely on remittance requests to Ghana, while the vision has always been more continent-oriented than country-oriented, resulting in multiple user requests and forecasted demand paving the way for OA Pay.

Still looking for your best money transfer option? You … U.S ! Discover OA Pay to securely transfer money with the highest guaranteed competitive rates on the market and full encryption of personal data now with real-time alerts.

You can also download the app now on Android and Apple devices.

About OA Pay
OA Pay is the fastest and most convenient way to send money to Ghana.

OA Pay has an integration that covers all mobile networks and local banks allowing you to send money to a mobile wallet or alternatively to the recipient’s bank account in Ghana.

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