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Raleigh, NC, October 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – RegEd has extended the Submission information capacities of his Review of corporate advertising solution, providing financial services companies and banks with best-in-class functionality to power their marketing, advertising and customer communications review processes.

Review of corporate advertising‘s Lexicon detection Automatically flag problematic keywords and phrases using custom business rules while Smart disclosuresSM detects and confirms that the submission items contain the appropriate disclosures.

Together, the combined capabilities of Review of corporate advertising‘s Submission information and Smart review the modules reduce exam time by more than 50%, and in some cases, as much as 80%. Dozens of leading financial services companies and banks have relied on Review of corporate advertising see more of 3 million in marketing, advertising and customer communications.

“As an industry-leading solution, Review of corporate advertising ensures prompt and consistent review and approval of marketing, advertising and client communications, enabling finance professionals to attract new clients, expand relationships with existing clients and effectively grow their practices, ”said Ethan Floyd, RegEd’s chief product officer. “RegEd’s solution continues to move up the innovation curve, reflecting our investment in new technologies and the continuous improvements that come from working with our customers.

Recognized by seven of the 10 largest brokers in the United States and two of the three largest banks, RegEd Review of corporate advertising:

  • Reduces human intervention by 70%
  • Increases first contact approvals by 80%
  • Establishes 100% compliance with SEC 17 (a) -4

Key Capabilities of Business Advertising Review

The RegEd aggregate Review of corporate advertising‘s Submission information and Smart review offers considerable efficiency gains in the review process. Mark Mashewske, Senior Product Manager at RegEd, said: “With technology-assisted editing capabilities, reviewers spend less time reading and annotating content, which ultimately allows some submissions to be automatically reviewed. with recommendations provided to a reviewer. ”

In addition to Lexicon detection and Smart disclosures, Reg Review of corporate advertising helps businesses work smarter and faster with advanced technologies such as:

  • Advanced workflow management – Configurable, rule-driven workflows allow submissions to be routed according to defined criteria, including sender and submission attributes. Workflow configuration is unlimited and supports even the most complex review and approval processes.
  • Concurrent annotations and advanced version control Facilitates real-time collaboration between reviewers, allowing multiple reviewers to create annotations and track history in one step. All reviewer notes are clearly identified on a screen before forwarding the submission to the next reviewer in the process.
  • SmartView ComplianceSM RegEd’s Contextual Review capability provides reviewers with critical on-screen context to facilitate review decisions, including professional licensing, registration, employment and outside business activities. finance (directly from FINRA), as well as company-defined fields such as financial designations, database administrators, social media profiles and more.

With his Submission information and Smart review capabilities, RegEd Review of corporate advertising offers a simplified user experience, complex hierarchical management, advanced indexing and search and FINRA AREF integration. Its robust capabilities have been proven in many large enterprise implementations and can be configured to suit a company’s work processes.

RegEd Review of corporate advertising can also be integrated with a company’s larger technology ecosystem, including leading CRM and marketing solutions. For more information on RegEd Corporate Advertising Review or other corporate compliance solutions from RegEd, visit:

About RegEd

RegEd is a leading provider of RegTech enterprise solutions that deal with advertising review, conflict of interest, audit management, compliance disclosures, regulatory change management, l ‘integration, licensing and registration, etc. RegEd works with hundreds of corporate clients, including 80% of the top 25 financial services companies.

Founded in 2000 by former regulators, the company is recognized for the continuous innovation of RegTech with business solutions characterized by workflow oriented processes, data integration, regulatory watch, automated validations, automation of business processes and compliance dashboards. The aggregate generates the highest levels of operational efficiency and enables customers to cost-effectively comply with regulations and continuously mitigate risk.

Recognized by the nation’s largest financial services companies, RegEd’s holistic and proven approach to RegTech caters to businesses where they find themselves on the compliance and risk management continuum, evolving as they go. as their needs evolve and transform the value proposition offered by compliance. For more information, please visit

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