Riskonnect and Ireland’s State Claims Agency awarded Best Use of Technology in Risk Management

ATLANTA & LONDON – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Riskconnect, the leader in integrated risk management (IRM) solutions, and the State Claims Agency (SCA) of Ireland were awarded “best use of technology in risk management” in the CIR Risk Management Awards 2021. This honor recognizes SCA’s successful and innovative use of Riskonnect’s incident and complaints management capabilities to help state authorities manage pandemic risks.

The SCA manages third party personal injury and property damage claims against the Irish State and provides related risk management services. Riskonnect powers SCA’s centralized National Incident Management System (NIMS), which supports standardized incident reporting and end-to-end risk management across the public service, including the civil service sector. health and social services. State authorities primarily use the system’s rich analytics to report incidents to the SCA, identify and learn from trends, and prioritize risk mitigation strategies. SCA operates the system to investigate complaints, conduct national and local risk reviews, facilitate reporting, etc.

The SCA enhanced the NIMS at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to allow rapid collection of infection-specific data and comprehensive reporting. The system was quickly updated with new critical incident monitoring, analysis and reporting functionality. These capabilities have helped the SCA identify outbreak locations, analyze incidents, and provide real-time information to support COVID-19 risk management.

The national incident management system, powered by Riskonnect technology, allowed the SCA to remain agile and quickly adapt the system to meet the ever-changing demands during the pandemic.

NIMS was deployed to 100 new locations during the pandemic. This included 22 private hospitals over a three-day period. The SCA used NIMS to effectively analyze data across all sectors, especially in health and social services, in real time and to work closely with state authorities on risk mitigation and the answer.

“The ability to act quickly and leverage data is essential for effective risk strategies and decision making,” said Jim Wetekamp, ​​CEO of Riskonnect. “We have provided SCA with data and analytics technology that has improved agility and provided significant support in understanding and managing pandemic risks. ”

The CIR Risk Management Awards celebrate excellence in the field of risk management. The accolades have recognized the best people, products and programs in the industry for more than a decade.

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