Signed invoices: HR 468, HR 1766, HR 4877, HR 5641, HR 7500, HR 7846, HR 8982

On Monday, October 10, 2022, the President signed into law:

HR 468, the “Accelerated Delivery of Airport Infrastructure Act of 2021,” which authorizes the use of incentive payments to accelerate certain federally funded airport development projects;

Thank you to Representatives Sam Graves and Garrett Graves, and Senators Young, Sinema and Cruz, and many others for their leadership.

HR 1766, the “FTC Collaboration Act of 2021”, which requires the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and report on efforts to
work with state attorneys general to combat fraud and scams;

Thank you to Reps. O’Halleran and Hudson, and many others for their leadership.

HR 4877, the “one-stop shop for small businesses
Compliance Act of 2021,” which requires the Small Business Administration’s Office of the National Ombudsman to create a centralized website for small entity compliance guides;

Thank you to Representative Van Duyne, New York Lieutenant Governor Delgado, Senators Cornyn, Shaheen and Rosen and many others for their leadership.

HR 5641, the “Small Project Efficient and Effective Disaster Recovery Act” or “SPEED Recovery Act”, which increases the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s small project threshold to $1 million, allowing more projects to continue under
simplified procedures for response and recovery grant programs;

Thank you to Reps. Sam Graves, DeFazio, and Webster, and many others for their leadership.

HR 7500, the “Fiscal Year 2022 Major Veterans Medical Facility Authorization Act,” which authorizes various major Department of Veterans Affairs medical facility construction projects and authorizes various appropriations to carry out these projects ;

Thank you to Representatives Allred, Ellzey, Escobar and Mike Levin, Senators Tester and Moran and many others for their leadership.

HR 7846, the “Veterans Cost of Living Adjustment Act of 2022”, which provides a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for recipients of Disability and Dependency Award and compensation for veterans equal to social security COLA; and

Thank you to Representatives Luria and Nehls, Senators Tester, Murray, Boozman and Moran, and many others for their leadership.

HR 8982, the “Bulk to Retail Shelf Infant Formula Act,” which provides until December 31, 2022, duty-free treatment for infant formula base powder.

Thanks to Reps DelBene, Blumenauer, Adrian Smith, Larson, Kildee, Sewell, Schneider, Panetta, Thompson, Jason Smith, Chu, Murphy, Kustoff, Smucker, Gwen Moore, Carol Miller, Danny Davis, Tom Rice, Senator Lee and many others for their leadership.

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