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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – No proof of vaccine, no entry without a mask. It’s a new policy that some Sacramento businesses are adopting for safety reasons as concerns about the Delta variant increase.

Business owners have said it’s also about staying open.

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To access the Sacramento Pipeworks Climbing Wall, “either you have to show your vaccination record, then you are allowed to climb without a mask, or you have to wear a mask,” said Liz Allen, a climber.

Allen and Jon Larracas both train at Pipeworks and have said they don’t want to see the Sacramento area back down.

“Right now we just want every business to be open and we have to support them by following these rules,” Larracas said.

The Torch Club in downtown Sacramento regularly reminds its patrons to come with their card or without entry. The announcement drew both support and negative reactions on social media. The bar said it was a matter of safety as the Delta variant spread.

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“Would you feel more secure going to a company that you knew was checking people?” CBS13 asked Sacramento resident Jesse Cruz, who responded, “Yes, yes, I would.”

The California Department of Public Health urges people to require proof of vaccination. The agency announced earlier this year that events such as live events, conferences and shows can operate at significantly higher capacity levels if the company requires proof of vaccination. In many cases, the capacity limit doubles with a vaccine card requirement.

For those focused on safety, the push for vaccine proof is the next new normal.

“We have spent a whole year with the closure of these gyms and it is a very important community resource for many of us. So if they have to reinstate mask policies to keep everyone safe, that’s fine with us, ”Allen said.

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Federal law allows businesses to request proof of vaccination. However, legal experts say some states could reverse this and pass a law prohibiting companies from asking for evidence. Florida is a state that has done this.

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