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WWE Day 1 will return in 2023.

In early 2022, WWE introduced a new event, WWE Day 1, kicking off the new year with a premium live event. Because New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday in 2023, the event will return and once again emanate from State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, depending on the location of the website.

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Tickets for the event are currently listed as “soon to be sold” and currently the graphic used to promote the event is one featuring Brock Lesnar. Last January, the event was to be headlined by Brock Lesnar against Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship, but because Roman tested positive for COVID-19, Brock Lesnar was moved to the WWE Championship match. , kicking off a story that ultimately culminated in the unification of the WWE World Heavyweight and Universal Championships.

We will provide more information on this event as more are made official. Currently, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have just ended their rivalry at SummerSlam 2022 in a Last Man Standing Match which saw Roman Reigns stand tall at the end, but not without help.

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